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  1. So that thieves equate themselves in court how ironic , 20 million for tory dodgy Dave
  2. Don’t tell them the facts Cory what you ever you do , the brexit media hiding it all from there readers , but the reality on the ground is very very different , brexit is a disaster in more ways then one some very angry business out there people sold a white elephant by a government that prides It self in constant lying .. As the saying goes the brits love a loser , and brexit undoubtedly is a loser .
  3. So what about fishermen, meat exporters etc etc etc . Government figures showing a bounceback in February rightly come with a health warning https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/apr/13/uk-trade-recovering-but-picture-is-clouded-by-covid-and-brexit
  4. Lobbying is it thousands is it millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of tax payers Money stuffed in your pockets . Corruption on an enormous scale an ex PM and the chancellor and Health Secretary some juicy names there the web of deceit.Yes these lads don’t do it in half’s it’s big time .
  5. Let’s have then Ken give me all success with brexit on trade etc etc etc etc , then there is the disasters with brexit and the list is as long your arm and growing . As the man said who voted brexit he was lied to ???? And this gentleman is just the tip of the iceberg .
  6. Like what govern our lives Ken??? Brexit is a disaster no other way of saying it on trade , people going to work in the EU holidays anything you buy and sell from the EU it’s all coming home the brexit reality world the fantasy has gone it’s history it’s reality time . Now here is a the reality for you
  7. I lost nothing other people lives and businesses have been destroyed with brexit and many many more to come . Think Brexit’s all over? Wait until the grace periods end Then then fireworks begin . Facts business facing bankruptcy on mass and if you think brexit is done the best is come yet . https://westcountrybylines.co.uk/think-brexits-all-over-wait-until-the-grace-periods-end/
  8. Is that the best you can do face the facts ?? I know it’s hard but you will get over it eventually , https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/100-days-brexit-10-things-23894044
  9. So before the referendum it was we will get our waters back Frictionless trade We hold all the cards No border sown the Irish Sea . Massive inward investment Trade deals coming out out of our ears Millions for that NHS ALL LIES !!!!!!!! And then the reality I am begging to feel sorry for the the Brexiteers sold a white elephant the country is losing billions in trade because of brexit .The covid shield will soon disappear brave yourself . 100 days of Brexit: 10 things that have gone wrong since UK properly left the EU
  10. Go on lads grab the cash We are now seeing that most corrupt government in uk history . David Cameron took financier Lex Greensill for a private drink with Health Secretary Matt Hancock to discuss an app later offered within the NHS, Sky News has confirmed The Treasury also reconsidered an application from Mr Greensill for an emergency coronavirus loan after Mr Cameron - who was prime minister between 2010 and 2016 - messaged one of Boris Johnson's senior advisers, The Sunday Times reported. https://news.sky.com/story/cameron-took-greensill-for-private-drink-with-hancock-t
  11. Another 48,000 come in since I last posted Still £5000 fine to go abroad
  12. Down and down the brexit sinkhole we go
  13. Independence for Scotland here she comes brexit has sealed it Little England is on its way down and down we go Talking to one skipper today and the latest round of quota handouts ,the government had thrown English fishermen to the dogs while giving 80% of the cod quota to Scottish fishermen a bribe maybe but brexit red tape has destroyed all that bankruptcy is now all the rage amount U.K. fishermen brexit has destroyed there lives and businesses.
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