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  1. Revealed: Tory MPs and commentators who joined banned app Parler Nadine Dorries, James Cleverly and Michael Gove joined the platform favoured by Trump supporters At least 14 Conservative MPs, including several ministers, cabinet minister Michael Gove and a number of prominent Tory commentators joined Parler, the social media platform favoured by the far right that was forced offline last week for hosting threats of violence and racist slurs https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/17/revealed-tory-mps-and-commentators-who-joined-banned-app-parle
  2. Boris Johnson we are toughing up our borders next week !!!! only 10 months to late .87,295 deaths your doing a great job boris
  3. Thanks phone he is in tremendous form and hasn’t been out of the first 3 in his last 7 races , but as always in handicapping the handicapper gets his way eventually, but he should still run a big race tonight not a big price but you should get a good run for your money.And there is only small field of 5 runners ,Southwell is his favourite track with the deep sand .Would have made the trip down there but with covid restrictions that’s now totally out of the question . Here he is winning at Southwell recently . Paul
  4. Thats true for the average punter but I do know one professional gamble who does it for a living and he drives a top of the range Mercedes a different ballgame , big stakes nerves of Steele but does very well at it .Inside information is massive in gambling . There isn’t any certainties in racing but you do get one or two which are very close to it but the trick is being on the right one . .
  5. Fish are better and happier now they are British’, claims Jacob Rees-Mogg Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle intervened and through laughter said: “Obviously there’s no overwhelming evidence for that. Boats confined to harbour, lorry loads of seafood destroyed, the industry losing £1 million a day as firms go bust – all as a result of Brexit red tape imposed by this Government https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/fish-better-rees-mogg-brexit-british-b899228.html
  6. https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-seafood-firms-only-have-weeks-to-survive-as-environment-secretary-admits-teething-problems-12187672 Brexit: Fisheries minister did not read deal as she was ‘very busy organising local Nativity trail absolutely brilliant Boris Johnson’s “sea of opportunity” promise to fishermen has turned into a “nightmare”, with hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales lost due to new red tape, the SNP’s Westminster leader has said. Boris Johnson there was no sea of opportunity https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/scotland/brexit-fisheries-minister-
  7. Only one winner Chester’s with the one armed bandits and that’s the man who owns them .
  8. Well was I was 14 worked at the amusement arcade doing the machines , old pennies then came the decimal coins and there taking doubled overnight from old pennies to new pennies , they took thousands in them days what they take now is anybody’s business .All vat to be paid on all the taking Had a bandit in the pub I had and it made more money than any drinker in there by miles along with that juke box and pool table .
  9. Well can our boy follow up tomorrow night in the last at Southwell, he is in great from but the favourite looks hot .But he is on his favourite track and should go close .
  10. You just do not get it Chester’s at all there won’t be cheap anything because there won’t be any boats running , No money , no crews , no fish , shellfish etc etc etc It a business not a charity ..
  11. Down on Whitby fish market this morning buyers refusing to take shellfish as brexit red tape is crippling the industry . It’s not just only in Scotland it’s spreading like wildfire round the U.K. it’s very short period of time since we have officially left the European Union and already bankruptcy for fishing communities are beginning to hit home .All thr talk from number 10 was nothing but hot air well expect blockades etc not in protest against the EU but against no this government’s false promises and lies to the uk fishing industry with brexit .
  12. Yes but he Cannot stand ever again for the presidency I wonder if they will ban him from Scotland he does Incite riots .But I think the impeachment is the least of his worries when he leaves office Donald Trump impeachment: House votes to impeach president for second time- latest news https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/01/13/donald-trump-impeachment-mike-pence-rejects-us-house-demand/
  13. Major seafood company 'more or less finished' by Brexit https://www.itv.com/news/border/2021-01-12/major-seafood-company-more-or-less-finished-by-brexit
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