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  1. America first........ A-m-e-r-i-c-a first 👍
  2. And just what did you expect 😩 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-party-mep-june-mummery-european-parliament-trade-deal-commission-a9294051.html And Donald Trump said today Britain’s has a wonderful prime minister who wants to do a deal loaded gun Or what ??? nobody is wonderful in his eyes apart from him red light spells danger. .
  3. Wow I am impressed millions and millions in cash to fall from the heavens on the fishing industry isn’t that a socialist theme grants do you know the cost of one new trawler It’s millions for a small boat ,not many new boats there and rest get chicken feed it’s bullshit to regenerate all our coastal communities round Britain Barry penny’s in real terms . The big boys will end with all the cash and all the boats it’s inevitable sustainable fishing industry 😂 no chance it won’t happen who the hell is going to police all our fishing grounds please don’t tell me these numptys at IFCA that would be the end of our fishing industry as we know it . And if somehow if Scotland do go independent it’s game over for our whitefish fleet who the main catch is cod finished job done get back over the border that’s the reality in the fishing industry and English lads know it brexit no brexshit is a real reality. And today boris Johnson suffered a triple defeat . https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-boris-johnson-lords-vote-eu-law-court-latest-a9293521.html
  4. So it’s ok for our PM to stand and lie to his back teeth to those workers why the hell those voters believed him in first place beggars believe his day will come and like I said Barry it’s all to come ord lad the party hasn't started yet . Boris Johnson Will be exposed with all his lies he has told it’s coming infact it’s Already started Nisan is just the beginning so brace yourself . I won’t ask how you herring trip went bas so Some lads on from potters bar bas today smashing the cod out .😁🎣🐋
  5. Never can’t be Boris 🤥🤥🤥🤥Johnson strikes again he stands on the podium addressing the Nisan workers before the General Election and then blatantly lies to them till he is blue in face to get there vote Just how will those 7000 Nisan workers and the 1000s and 1000s in the supply chains will be feeling now didn’t take long to shaft his northern voters .😩😡 https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/chancellor-sajid-javid-backtracks-boris-17593151
  6. Mexican stand off, hahahahahaha, your a one. Down south we take the opportunity to anchor a wreck that means you don't need to wait perhaps once or twice a year for wind and tide to be equal and can fish throughout the state of the tide. Now lets see, dead tide you say, slap me head and think, nope fish will always come when the tide is running, that'll be when feed is running past their little scent glands. Unless your fishing whitby they must be special up I keep saying Barry but you do not have a clue ord lad why ankhor a wreck when you can do far better drifting it .Cod jumping aboard again this morning sun shining what more could you want plenty herrings down there for ya 😆 and another 3 lads from the south coast on again today Now why is that I wonder get them dredges stopped bas and get some decent fishing back . Fish always coming when the tide is running Not exactly true 😂 That’s much you know bas good job you never opted to go into this job you would have been bankrupt by now with all your knowledge as a skipper 😁. Rods bouncing another fish on 🎣🐋🐋🐋🐋
  7. Thank goodness for the under 10s and what is there main target species round the U.K. shellfish Lobsters which the bulk goes to Europe . Non quota species like what that’s going to make them all millionaires . Fesh herring caught in a net in a net you say in a net ??? I will stick to cod loins bas taste better . Now as for dropping an ankhor on wreck just out of curiosity how many big ling did you get on your two day’s at ankhor here at Whitby , I have had many ling over 30 lb not at ankhor on a wreck infact I have had just as many off rough ground over 30 lb so what about dead tides wind against tide stood still for hours over a wreck while the tide is running the Mexican standoff as we call it .Lines going in the wreck In front of the wreck you name it you can position the boat anywhere you want and your stood still no Ankhor . Barry there aren’t no congers here in numbers you just don’t get it . This ling on the photo a bit of brute was caught off rough ground not on a wreck It was caught off one of my little hot spots where I get some belting ling from . Fred on the photo won £5000 1st prize in our summer festival with this fish his pal won the £5000 the following year with me as well I don’t think I need to make a name for myself bas I have won one or two festivals over my years and caught a few fish in my time ord lad .. See boris is off in a panic to the states flapping in case he falls flat on his promises .What usual happens when you rush things you **** things up give to much away and end up worse off than you were he will be under severe scrutiny the proof will very soon be in the pudding this clot will need to deliver .If Going by his history when Home Secretary god help us all how strange how people have such very short memories of this man he will not get any mercy and why should he I still think I he will fall on his own sword .
  8. Here she comes the real Brexit is coming the British public lied to again again and agin well reality is about to hit the U.K.no more scaremongering reality is here job loses price rises on food all the scaremongering is gone brexit reality is about to sweep the U.K. just how will the public react. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-51161808
  9. Strange one ice 🤣 funny those two prime fish in beautiful condition fat and plump were caught within 15 minutes of each other it would be nice if you catch one like any of those two . I think your in no fish syndrome at the moment bas you need a trip to Whitby to reenergise your catching skills . Now after brexit who is going to end with all the so called new quotas the ones who have it all now . It is this governments fault from the very beginning that fishing quotas were allowed to be used as a commodity for cash no other EU country allows that practice . So will this practice continue after brexit will the bulk of quota end up in the super rich hands in the fishing Industry I bet it does just as god made little apples . As soon as any new quotas are handed out they will be sold for a bundle of cash back to the big boys in the fishing industry just as they have even done in the last 30 years Some fishermen say we can’t catch this we can’t catch that yes because they sold there quota for large amounts of cash to the big boys in the industry who with there very large boats catching 1000s of tons of fish . https://unearthed.greenpeace.org/2018/10/11/fishing-quota-uk-defra-michael-gove/
  10. https://unearthed.greenpeace.org/2018/10/11/fishing-quota-uk-defra-michael-gove/
  11. Rumours have it Martin whether true or not they thaw frozen then sell it as fresh nowadays. Is there a law against it freshly thawed frozen and it costs a fraction of the price of fresh fish to purchase from the suppliers. Some of The fish on display doesn’t look to appetising especially mackerel it often looks grey not a fish to keep for long periods on ice . My dog loves fresh mackerel brings her coat up with a very nice shine not to many dogs gets fresh fillets of skinned cod loin for tea spoilt you could say but she loves fish .
  12. I only offer my anglers a 50% service Thick doesn’t come anywhere near it’s actually worse than that , what actually goes round In your head Barry do you ever learn there Is no anser to that . Stick to catching hook all Barry suits you perfect .. Another couple of prime smelly prime cod caught recently and hey Barry this gentleman had at least a dozen like these then filleted on the boat then on there way south in prime condition fresh Whitby cod you can’t buy fish as fresh in any supermarket anywhere in the country .
  13. Barry Ankhor wrecks come on bas did it years and years ago and found fishing on the drift gives far far better results . Now let me educate you do you actually think cod live bang on the wreck they can be shoaled well uptide or downtide of a wreck moving constantly as shoals of feed sprats etc move around in the Lee of tide , they can be here one minute 50 yds away the next . So Ankhoring is totally pointless it’s takes years and years to learn that , now if you are after conger ankhor a wreck is nine times out of ten the right thing to do but because as I have told you before they are like rocking horse **** here it’s literally pointless . The EU base quotas on scientific data cod slashed this year Barry that’s looking like even less for you as numbers drop away as they say if there is no cod at Whitby there ain’t any left when we can’t catch any it’s game over for all. Have a peep at the landings on Peterhead fish market eye opener just how much fish is landed there from our own boats some very rich fishermen there Barry the crew on 2 of the Whitby boats working out out of Peterhead got mega wages for 9 day trip the boats are pair scene netting and grossed over £300,000 for nine days fishing the real world of the fishing industry not the crap peddled to you in the press . Another picture of some real cod caught on Sea-Otter 2 the other day a bit less dredging and beam trawling down your neck of the woods and you might just start to see a few more of these .
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