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  1. And the city ready to move billions and billions of pounds of trade to the EU from London .It really is brexit reality time .A brexit home goal on an industrial scale .where are the Brexiteer bullshitters going to hide .The damage brexit will do to Our economy will be colossal. London is the biggest share trading centre in Europe, handling as much as 30 per cent of the €40bn daily market but, without equivalence, some of that trading will move to cities such as Amsterdam and Paris because EU-based institutions will be barred from trading in London.
  2. Now this is serious serious stuff our very own Business secretly of all people Being interviewed doesn’t know the difference between a no deal brexit and Canada style deal . This is truly unbelievable incompetence at the very highest level in government and these muppets are running the country it’s seeing to believe enjoy it .I rest my case .
  3. And brexit wasn’t orchestrated Hugh amounts of personal social media Data stolen To push brexit . Exposed what really happened before the brexit referendum and we live in a democracy do we
  4. Brexit news latest – Brit businesses BEG for Brexit deal claiming they can’t face another massive hit after the pandemic Brexit a hit to U.K. business no it’s scaremongering !!!! no it’s hooking reality
  5. Chester’s I am so desperate to win come on grow up .The bottom line you cannot stand criticism of brexit it’s a shambles you have admitted yourself they are a bunch of headless chickens they don’t ever know what they want themselves it’s a fiasco .Brexit has turned this country into a laughing stock on the world stage it’s a joke . Giant lorry parks what’s that all about **** houses on the motorways ONLY IN BRITAIN it’s a joke the world is laughing at us that’s what brexit has done to the U.K.
  6. Ministers have spent £10BILLION on bungled Test and Trace system that STILL isn't fully operational and doesn’t work - and an 'eye-watering' further £15bn on PPE for frontline health staff after 'mark-ups by suppliers'
  7. Labour might have corruption all councillors are corrupt .But for brazen corruption in billions not millions the tories top the bill .And the proof is all there to see .
  8. So where exactly is bias when the tories have squandered billions to there friends satellites that don’t work one example where is the bias in that exactly .
  9. I need help you are in total denial bias no bias what so ever the tories do it in billions not millions I prefer to stick to the facts .And and if you want to go back to the year dot like you just have there is piles and piles of dirt ..Dont even go there .
  10. Peanuts just peanuts you need some proper corruption mega bucks !!!! The tories are the daddy at it Not millions but billions .!!!!
  11. This is pointless as well your out of your depth l this has be the most corrupt government to ever hold office . Ministers have spent £10BILLION on bungled Test and Trace system that STILL isn't fully operational and doesn’t work - and an 'eye-watering' further £15bn on PPE for frontline health staff after 'mark-ups by suppliers'
  12. Mr brexit doesn’t just give billions away of tax payers money to his Friends in non contested bids and to by satellites that don’t work he has got his head in the trough as well . The whole lot of them running number 10 are bent .Would you get away 30-£50,000 in council tax not hope in hell Mr Brexit this creep has .
  13. He is useless at snap never mind poker great entertainment though this brexit fiasco .He has been in power for a year and with His performance on Covid and brexit just how can anybody have faith in this man his incompetence is staggering. This song sums brexit up to a T
  14. And so Doris seems to have grown a pair of balls woolly ones and threatens a no deal brexit now your talking bring it on Doris really
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