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  1. Just a recap of what our health secretary told the British people in January and here we are frightening. If this isn’t incompetence I do not know what is 10 out of 10 for being completely wrong . https://skwawkbox.org/2020/04/08/video-hancock-in-jan-uk-well-equipped-world-leader-in-cv-testing-and-nhs-well-prepared/
  2. Wasn’t that in the brexpress won’t happen .
  3. Got ya in ya come Chester’s !!! being googling BBC !!! Naughty naughty and this is from the man who takes no notice of anybody else doesn’t believe anybody else Now the EU says we are dreaming it’s fantasy if a deal could be finalised by Christmas might be next Christmas probably many factors associated with this , probably no more than this pandemic not my words Chester’s from the horses mouth . They said it would be a minimum of 5 to 7 years to finalise everything minimum. And the farmers have been dragged out by people Being laid off because of this horrid virus , vegetables about to rot in fields with no foreign labour to pick it .But as the farmer said we have been saved this year but next we have a series problem any volunteers !!!! please put your name forward down below . ..... ..... ...... ......
  4. Chester clutching straws Yes !!!! It ain’t happening. Earlier, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove wrote to the Commons Select Committee on the future relationship with the EU, saying the structure of negotiations was “likely to change to reflect the current situation” and they were “exploring flexibility”. He added: “We remain in contact with the European Commission to explore alternative ways to continue discussions, and will be guided by scientific advice.” In other words !!
  5. Brexit comes at the end of yesr not a chance but don’t say I told you so .
  6. So why are you replying whining You are doing exactly that , the Brexiteers are trying to blame the coronavirus on slowing our full departure they blame anybody but themselves.But what they keep saying consistently is it’s very much like the fishing industry is going to get it right where it hurts in the knackers what a result that will be home goal or what .But exactly as you have said many many times the government lie to us and won’t be Held accountable .
  7. Granted Italy could be treated better without doubt where there is money involved there will always be winners and losers no exception here . If the bloc falls apart the EU won’t be the only casualty with this terrible virus . How are we going to come out of this financially Ant it’s frightening.1in 5 businesses could go to the wall . It’s doesn’t matter what country organisation etc are going to hit extremely hard financially with this horrid virus . The world will not be the same after this is all over which could be a long time ahead it’s what it leaves behind is the worrying bit . The government have come up with a package here which any government here in same situation would do exactly the same , 80% they say no 60% is the real figure the 80% is taxable . If this goes on past 3 months which is looking extremely likely things could start to fall apart it’s very worrying for many many businesses here and all over Europe in fact all round the globe . As for brexit it’s last thing on people’s minds at the moment, with this horrid virus , it just goes to show how brexit is now so less important .From being like headless chickens on the subject 4 months ago nothing else mattered to hardly a word now strange that .....
  8. big_cod


    . You can paint whatever picture you like this government put frontline NHS staff in grave danger those are the facts and some drastically have lost there lives The telegraph a very respectable newspaper you would say there headline said it all . https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/03/13/governments-response-coronavirus-disaster-telegraph-readers/ Just a quick reminder of what the Tory party really think of our brilliant NHS workers sickening isn’t it . https://www.thenational.scot/news/18339251.watch-tory-mps-cheer-blocking-pay-rise-nhs-nurses/
  9. big_cod


    Stop making things up .
  10. big_cod


    Facts Chester’s facts no link needed facts slight difference it isn’t made up .
  11. big_cod


    And what was it 3 weeks ago and exactly as YouGov says However, this phenomenon, sometimes referred to as “Rally ‘round the flag effect” does not always last into the long run if key decisions made begin to be criticised and face further scrutiny. And 50% fairly well !!!! It’s well or not well ? So what would the result be of a YouGov poll on NHS workers do you think it would come out with the same outcome . https://www.itv.com/news/2020-04-06/nhs-saffron-cordery-answers-your-coronavirus-questions/ .
  12. big_cod


    75% of the people think the government are doing a good rubbish where did you dream that I’m one up from 75% and how exactly did you come to that conclusion It’s in the Express poll lord above enough said . The real world . https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/health/coronavirus/nhs-staff-feel-lambs-slaughter-they-battle-save-lives-15m-vulnerable-people-2505046
  13. big_cod


    Sorry they aren’t facts what you come out with it’s what you make up as you go along as you listen to nobody . Whats the saying king of all trades and master of non .
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