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  1. yep, korda underwater carping 1, the first one and on the first vedo.
  2. You guys should watch underwater carp fishing, i`ve just finished watching the first episode and it proves your point so much. Although its about carping the majority of the first hour is watching the smaller fish feed as it takes a while for the first carp to be caught. He throws in a small pva bag about 1.5 inch long and small diameter with ground bait compact in one side and particles on the other. When the bag erupts immediately all the little fish are down at the ground bait powder nibbling away, they begin to waft the particle to the sides where the bigger fish begin to feed. O
  3. On the subject of pastes, how do you actually use them ? Just roll into a ball and hook it? I`ve heard u can use a paste to make a popup for carp fishing by moulding it around a cork but how would u use it for general coarse fishing ? Chris
  4. ALSO check out my bands website www.publicide.co.uk You can download our full tracks at the mp3 section download - pain in progress and then publicide as i would class those as our better ones.....maybe complications or christina if u like more chilled out rock secondly, but definately pain in progress.......feedback welcome! Chris
  5. Ferret what guitar did u get, hope you got some help as i`m not putting a dampner but there is a lot of sh!t on ebay re guitars, second hand ones are normally bent at the neck and new cheapos NORMALLY crap...BUT lets just hope you got a decent one! Pitty i didnt see this earlier. Few questions, i know u already have it but it may help for ur amp and general interest... 1 How olds ur lad 2 What style of music is hi MOST interested in PLAYING 3 What guitar did u get 4 What bands does he like Answer those and i may b able to help with ur amp and pedal selection, remeber amp is as imp
  6. Well basically i have been out quite late on a few occasions now and on most of them there are inparticularly two guys who come down and pre bait there areas, however both do it in 2 very different ways! One guy goes up to a tree and throws in about 3-4 handfulls of boilies within a 2 to 3 foot radius. Everyone he throws is bang on and baits no where else on the lodge! I have watched him and he really takes care over his accuracy. The second guys who i have seen more frequently comes with a plastic bag full of boilies or maybe pellets?! (i think boilies!) and throws handfuls in in ran
  7. Just wondering which u guys use and what size? At the moment i`m using medium ESP bags, the ones with holes in, yet every time i see what i would consider as a decent angler or at least more experienced than me, they seem to be using mesh ! Chris
  8. Hi guys, i was watching Underwater Carping 1 and noticed he was using a spod. I have seen them in the tackle shops and understand they are used to release freebies...but when would u use one, and how often ? Chris
  9. I was watching underwater carping 1 and saw what looked to be a very very clever technique to keep the hook facing downwards but i`m unsure how it works. It looked like, and he even said it was a sliding shot on the hook. It was positioned just below the point, the idea being it would draw the hook to face the correct way and hook on a take. After looking at the pause tho, i still don`t understand the setup, is it simply just a shot gripped onto the hook. I can`t see it being as i wouldnt have thought a shot grippied on the hook would be able to slide, and i`m sure this is neccessary on a
  10. Sorry to interupt the chit chat BUT ...i`m interested in making some hm boilies....are the above recipets (sp?) for the base mix, or the completed boilie. For example one is : 6 oz Semolina 4 oz Soya Flour 6 oz White Fishmeal Is that a completed boilie mix or what else would u add to that ? Sorry i`m just a bit confused and carping_mad has tried to explain before now! ? Chris
  11. Thanks guys, yep i was using a fox swinger as i always do with my carp setup! The guy who took me was Dave Trav from coarsefish.com, dont know if any of you know him, so yea, he showed me some excelent handling and unhooking skills! Chris
  12. I went piking today and it seemed i got a bad batch of mackrel, some sort of genetically modified deadbait fish that i`m sure had hidden wings. Every time i cast in the mackrel would take off and fly away in the opposite direction! Now in all seriousness, i just couldnt keep the mackrel on the trebbles! I went yesterday learning to pike with someone and the mackrel was frozen so it stayed on the hook much more securely (even then we had one escape), but with it being a little warmer today mine were slightly melted and seemed to either slide out or rip out of the fish on casting. So my
  13. and i`m loving it!!!!! Chris i will pm now, however i`m looking for second hand stuff as i want the BRANDED stuff at a second hand price rather than cheaper new stuff! Chris
  14. Anyone sort me out on any of these items, i`m buying on a budget so nothing top of the range but then again, dont want anything rubbish! Email mnbylcr2@yahoo.co.uk Chris
  15. Grrrrr Blanked again! ok this is doing my nut in now!!! PERSERVERANCE!
  16. yea ok, well i`m fishing a lodge with heavy bottom weed, and i just feel my bottom bait is getting caught and hidden in the weed. My plan was to use a 15mm pop-up with a size 8 hook and then i didnt know weather to use a D rig with a lassod popup bait and shot to allow about 3-4inch rise or the normal standard hair rig with popup and shot to allow about 3-4 inch rise. Was gonna add source to my popup and use a stringer of about 5-6 ground bait freebe boilies I have no idea of the deapth of weed but gaugeing from what i can see in the margins it looks about 2 inch deep, BUT could be thi
  17. Hi guys, if you were to fish a pop up, what depth would u use (or should i say how much line should u allow to pop up?) and what rig, D rig or standard rig ? Chris
  18. Blanked on the carp, but thanks to robs help got a few skimmers and roach + perch on mi tuther tip rod!! Cheers Rob, and thanks for your time, really appreciated! Chris
  19. got ur mail rob and replied but just incase you didnt get it i`m there 8 - 3or4 Great if you could come and give us some tips! Chris
  20. Rob...you know carcus ?? Fancy a trip down sometime, i need some tactics. I was on sandy peg yesterday, when u say throw the carp rod out far right corner, i know which side right is but you mean like towards peg1 side ? I had major major problems with snagging on the bottom, more than anything i`m worried that my bait is hideing when i have cast out!! Chris
  21. 3 rods at once with only 1 licence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just taken a look at the liscene form and noticed that minor point I lied, only fished two rods !! Thanks for pointing that out !
  22. BLANKED lol Fished two rods margins and to the fringe of some pads.....awful day, rained a bit but was REALLY windy!! Huummmmm if at first you dont succed, try try again Back on Saturday , gonna give it a good 12 hour. Caught 1.5 lb worth of bits and pieces on my whip in the margins lol on maggot....so i suppose i didnt theoretically blank but i went for monster carp. Rabster - Totty is Tottington near bury, nice little lodge called Carcus anyways i had fun Chris
  23. Well i`m excited! My first true carping trip tomorrow at a place in Totty called Carcus....this is my first non fishery so should definately be a challange, or should i say more of a challange than Bradshaw! Lets hop i can catch....gonna fish two rods, carp rod and tip with method...would use two carp rods however only got one YET! Got some pva bags !!! at last, my first time use! Got some rig foam, just been practicing in the sink, got just the right amount and position of foam to just sit it up of the ground diagonally...so not too much...may try with and without. Also may try a
  24. Got mine today...dunno how to use them BUt....i`m sure all will be revealed! They look pretty good for £1 a piece. I will put them to the back of the box for now as I have to perfect other techniques first...urrrr like casting and using a float! lol Chris
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