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  1. lol, i am studying Pharmacology with a high GCSE and A level in Biology. I know a lot about snooker and football, can`t play tho !!!! :-D Regards Chris
  2. Yep :-D , fogot to to mention that, Landing net and keep net, ne of each
  3. Lol i like that :- ""probably half a dozen maggots AFTER EVERY FISH" will be happy to catch one! I slightly confused, what do you class as your swim? Is that the area you are casting to ? I thought you created a swim by intorducing loose bate, but i understand u dont want to release too much free bait or you`ll end up fillin up the fish! :-) Also, what exact setup would u use, as line to hook. Deapth of bottom, hook to float and appropriate weights ? Any suggestions for bait...i have pinkies and some of that tutty fruity putty stuff. anything else i should take with me ? S
  4. AWOOE.....I am by now means an expert and can’t answer or comment on your 40% mortality rate but I may add a little more knowledge to your question - ""I was wondering however what exactly does happen to a fish when out of water?"" Basically as I understand gills are very delicate and have a very large surface area for gas exchange. Water has much less oxygen concentration per unit volume than air does; therefore the gills are essential in air filtration. To filter the oxygen from the water the gills use a contra flow / reverse flow system where blood passes in the opposite to that of oxy
  5. Ok, got my kit and i`m ready for the off! Gonna head out to South Manchester and see what i can find. Just a few questions... What is the first thing to do when i get there...with it being cold, Andy at the tackle shop said the fish will be bottom feeding so guage the deapth first. So is this the first thing i should do ? Find the deapth then add on a little extra slack ? How much bait should i be throwing in to get the swim, how much and how often? What should i be looking for when i pick my spot ? If i`m not catching or even hitting a bite what should i do ? .....i`m
  6. Rod lisence - GOT Moggots - GOT Tackle - GOT I`m already for the off!,,,,,,tomorrow morning!! Please be good weather!
  7. Hi guys!!!! Just got back from the tackle shop and first let me say that Trev's Tackle 13-17, The Paddock Handforth is fantastic rated A++++!!! If you go ask for Andy, he was a fantastic help, with setup, tackle and techniques!!! I was in there chewing his ear off for over 1 hour lol ! OK so first up i wanted a rod !! So he recommended the Shakespear Ganza 13ft match rod! Budget rod, but looks very nice and he seemed to think it would be ok for me! PLUS it included a free Okuma exide reel. Not the best reel but certainly looks good enough to get me started! Lookin on the net and the
  8. Hey Rob.i, well i`m from Bury, but at Uni so live the week in Fallowfield. I havent given this 100% thought to be honest, i was going to ask later but i didnt want to bombard you with so many questions!! When i use to fish, i went to Fishermans Retreat - Edenfield, The Burs - Brandolsome, but my first stop was going to be some lodges in Bradshaw-Gate, my uncle fishes here and apparently they are vwery good, they are situtated just behind Jumbles Reservour. These are all very local places so i dont know if they mean anything to you. Of course we also have The Irwell running th
  9. Thanks guys! yep it is Trevs of Wilmslow, gonna drive down there first thing Andrew Boyd, thats the first thing everyone sais when i join a chat....very funny, spelling isnt my strong point! lol i`m studying Pharmacology, drug action ect. Ok i`ll let you know what i buy....Thanks for the welcomes...and thanks for the help Chris
  10. Hi, if you havent seen my last post, then i will explain, i am a near enough total noob to fishing. I`m gonna get my gear tomorow ...see other my other thread. So sorry but, yes here are all the nooby questions coming out. Basically i have a done a few google searches but found little of relevence....other than buying books are there any areas on the net showing simple rig setups, ect. As i say, tomorow night i will hope to have, rod reel......so what else do i need. I`m float fishing in lakes for simple catches to start with, so i presume thats pirch ect..... So although
  11. Excelent last two pics mate... Chris
  12. Thanks all of you......i am driving down to Trev's Tackle 13-17, tomorrow....spoke to him on the phone and he seems like a nice guy,...with lots of info.....i will let you know what i come away with! Chris
  13. Actual i notice on all of these even when u click on the Rod on their own, most include a "free" reel...... any personal choices?
  14. That sounds good!! Thanks for the help guys. I`m in City Centre as i`m at Uni here, but i`m only from Bury north Manch.!! Just been on that site.....i know it each to their own but as i know nothing....if i was to say pick a rod and reel or rod reel deal what would u buy! I`m on a budget but if something is a lot better i`d rather pay the difference..... anything on here that you would choose. http://www.nwac.co.uk/acatalog/Match_Rod_a...ombo_Deals.html seems a decent site? Also the post above mentions 11ft rod, i got told i wanted a 12-13ft , thats the only inf
  15. Hi All, So this is yet another beginner’s question, I bet you get them all the time however I have used the search and found nothing……so here goes. I’m 21 y/o and a student, I fished for about one year when I was about 15 and after selling all my tackle I now want to start again… I live in UK Manchester so I will be fishing for the usual easy pickings to start with, pirch..ect….fishin mainly in lodges and occasionally in slow running river. My question comes with the tackle…..there is so much option I haven’t a clue what to buy….what is the difference between the £10 reel and £
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