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  1. I havent used one of these things so maybe I am wrong but the way the pole is being held in that picture is all wrong. Even if the claw is taking some of the weight, holding a pole that way results in poor posture and does not allow the angler to feed or move the pole to accomodate wind or to move/follow floats etc. Learn to hold the pole comfortably then position a spray bar so that it helps take the some of the weight of the pole whilst in the correct position.
  2. The only type of pole support to use are the "spray bar type" these types of rest allow you to hold the pole as normal but for some of the weight to be taken for you, if you have a seat that allows you to sit on the pole but then this can allow more of the weight too be taken by the rest.. The hook type supports are fine to hold the pole when balling in but I would never put a pole in one whilst actualy fishing. I would however say that the most important aspect of avoiding aches and pains in pole fishing is gettiing a level position and the box at the right hight. I have never found the
  3. Yes. Its the skin that floats and it doesnt matter if you crush them they will still float.
  4. Am I going blind all I could see was some un identifiable fish/dolphins jumping about. Where was the shark?
  5. If memory serves me right the dink dink was a feeder rig devised for catching lots of small tackle shy fish on the Trent in the 80s. The basis of the rig was that the hook was above the feeder and that the hooklength was very short. Efectively we are talking about a sort of self hooking rig to catch fish interested in the feeder itself.
  6. As others have sugested Match fishing is about making the best of your situation, it can be an overstocked lake where all the fish have their own view on how they should decorate the inside of a keepnet or on a venue where the fish have never seen a hook, it dosent matter. The sense of achievement however is the same when you get a result as that of catching a PB. Personally I have won a National championship and for a while I had the largest ever catch in a National. That was a day to remember but in terms of satisfaction not far above the day when I won a 10man section in a SE Super Leag
  7. I was also going to sugest the Sensas Bernard I use little else for trotting in heavy flows be it a flooded Medway, Thames or the Tidal Stour (Kentish). They are without doubt the best pole float I have ever used on flowing water. Something I have had a lot of success with is fishing relatively light floats 2-3 grammes but overshotting them heavily. By adding up to 2 swan it is possible to get these light floats to go through a swim very steadily but without resorting to big floats. It is not for the lazy as the bristle has to be constantly heald out of the water but bites are better t
  8. Personally carp stuffed comercials arent my cup of tea but I would sugest that maybe you take a visit to one where a lot of fish can be guaranteed just to give yourself an intensive practice session in playing carp. This is especially true if you want to try the "non confrontational" method of playing fish, as it does go a bit against your natural inclinations.
  9. In my experience, in anything but snagy water ten elastic will do for any fish up to 5/6/7lbs and I have regularly landed them up to twice that size. The big problem is, as you have spotted, stopping them bottoming the elastic. Whilst doubling up some elastic will help if a carp is bottoming out the elastic the best tips I can offer are: Firstly always have some spare sections ready to add or better still have them attached to the pole ready to come into play when you hook a fish. If you are fishing close to the bank still fish a long pole just go along the bank. Second if you are at
  10. Are dendrobenas just another name for Brandlings. If so then they are a very grood bait, however if Iwas offered a kilo of dendra's or a Kilo of Reds it would be reds every time.
  11. I will just add that Ihave fished against him and next to him and have not a bad word to say of the experience other than mild ear ache. With regard his allround angling Knowledge I can think of no one that compares in the breadth of his knowledge and contacts throughout the angling world. As for his list of achievements, ask people who remember match fishing in the 70's and 80's he was awesome . His record on the Thames when it was a mecca for match anglers is second to none, he was involved in the evolution of match fishing when thuings started to get serious. I am sorry but I really d
  12. The only thing I would use in this instance is a loop to loop conection. I have never liked tying mono on to a mono loop. That said when I use hook to nylon I dispence with the loop and use a simple 3 turn water knot.
  13. I holiday on the West Coast every year and whilst I have caught them on every conceivable type of lure all my best(to 8lbs) fish have been taken spinning a Frozen sandeal behin a small weight .
  14. Ive got the rod youmention and would hapily use it for the purpose you describe, it is fairly beefy when used at 13ft but use it at 11ft and it is good "bomb rod" which I often use on the upper Medway for Roach and Chub. The fast feeder would not be a good choice they are aimed at big river big feeder work. Good rod though.
  15. To be honest I wouldnt set them up at all. They are fixed rigs and on many waters they will be banned and even where allowed they should be discouraged. I think the dangers of fixed rigs are overplayed but why take the chance unnecisarily.
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