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  1. everyone blanked!...2 fish caught all day.
  2. booked on bank house tomorrow am!
  3. right click on macaffee icon in the bottom right of your screen...take the option to dosable. close all of you internet browser windows. open your internet browser window and then go to the page causing the problem. click your refresh button on your internet browser.
  4. Bruce I have been practising for 2 months with my cousins 10' fly rod on the beach and can stick a 10'leader on a dustbin lid from about 25yds, so the actual casting is ok...it's more choosing a fly that I'm stuck with....anyway I have ordered some tackle from north west angling center and will be on a lake next saturday....steep learning curve but looking forward to it immensely. Carping tomorrow morning for a few hours...gotta go make some boilies!
  5. turn off mcaffee completely. shut down your browser and then reload the page
  6. told u that frontpage is crap!
  7. sitting it out until the last minute
  8. have u tested what the rig looks like in a tank or washing up bowl?
  9. small fish can easily die if u attempt to disgorge them...I agree with Edd, cut the line. Alternatively use larger hook baits that the smaller ones cannot get down their throats ie 2 or 3 maggots
  10. 1 oz = 0.0625 lbs so you could make the Lbs from that I guess
  11. Garth lancaster bomber just flew over my house!
  12. highlight all columns and order asc on the one column (excel 2003)
  13. you could simply do the points tally column to order ascending!
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