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  1. The hammerhead that was caught last month had 55 pups. All the pups were said to be full developed. Unreal. All big sharks should be released as most of them are females. http://www.swordfishingcentral.com/forums/fishing5750.html
  2. Got a 70lb yft today. Took an islander trolled way behind the boat. Sushi to come for many a days.. gave a bit to neighbors also.
  3. 1st - Rumblefish - 246.4/79in. 2nd - Insomniac - 198/69in. 3rd - Frick & Frack - 155/66.5in. 4th - Controlled Slack - 104/60in. 5th - Hard Rock - 99.8/63in. 15 fish weighed 20 released (unofficial) 1 mako - 260 lbs caught by Chips Ahoy 1 yellow fin - 75lbs. caught by team KMC Marine Pick here: http://www.swordfishingcentral.com/forums/fishing5613.html
  4. Thinking of flying into south fl to fish with my brother in Miami. We fished this tourney last year and had great success http://www.swordfishingcentral.com/forums/fishing5516.html
  5. tyurke


    Anyone get there hands on the new mercury 4 stroke? I'm looiking to get out of 2 strokes all together.
  6. the fish probably went 400 pounds
  7. caught this big mako shark in the act http://www.swordfishingcentral.com/forums/fishing5485.html
  8. I dont think you have to report this.. i'd like to know also though
  9. http://www.swordfishingcentral.com/gallery...7021_5934f6097b This was a commercial catch someone in the UK or South America. The fish aren't even gutted! Anyone have any info? Thanks
  10. http://www.swordfishingcentral.com/gallery...shing/whitefish
  11. tyurke

    hows this

    took out the wife and kids today.. went 1 for 3... not a bad morning... anyone else get out? I saw a boat named "Dirty Hooker" interesesting name
  12. What size and style hook are you guys using to keep them buttoned and to ensure we don't gut hook them making the release tough. I prefer to use circle hooks, but I'm not having a good hook up ratio. Thanks
  13. tyurke


    What is the truck of choice for towing up to about a 5000 boat? Looking for a new one soon. Thanks
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