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    Thanks for the useful advice. I'll probably go ahead with the sealant.
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    Hi JV44 - Could you explain what you mean about putting the transducer in a plastic bag? I'm just about to fix a transducer inside the bottom of my kayak with silicone sealant. Have you found a better way? Thanks.
  3. Hi ukbushman I posted a reply before but it seems to have disappeared. I don't mean to be rude or intrusive, but why are you asking? I think you've posted a few questions but you don't seem to have contributed to any discussions. I have a Prowler 13 and I'm in central Scotland, though I'm quite new to to kayak fishing and I have a lot to learn! Cheers Roly
  4. I stay near Stirling, so from the photo that was on for a while I think I might know the location. I have no intention of trying for conger myself in the forseeable future. I think the odd mackerel or pollack would suit (or exceed!) my level of experience for quite a while yet. Good luck with the conger, and keep safe. Cheers Roly
  5. The two anchor technique is well established for small boat fishing, primarily because it keeps the boat in a very precise position over the mark, irrespective of variations in wind and tide. I would have thought it will work very well for kayaks too if you have space to carry two anchors, chains, reels, etc. You can add another cleat if you need it. The "but" is whether you want to try it near a dangerous structure with a big conger on! Personally I wouldn't, but to quote (or misquote) Robert Redford "It's all right to take a chance if you're the only one who pays". Roly
  6. How about using two anchors? I don't know how big the hazardous part of structure is, but if it's not too big then the two anchors could be off to each side of the structure where the water downtide is safe. If either anchor hold fails then you should swing clear of the structure. This arrangement would also allow you to position yourself accurately left and right by adjusting the length of the anchor lines. I have to add that I'm a complete novice and I've not tried this myself, but it makes sense in theory. Whole mackerel? What are you after? Cheers Roly
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