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  1. I think there is a few big ones in the other pond but there is only 1 peg unless you want to sit in the water cos it is so boggy haha
  2. Concreate posts eh? You're in the right place!!!! I remember I caught my first fish (in that pond) on them pegs. BUT!!!!!!! If you stand on the concrete posts and you look at the JJB, that is the side you want to fish. 2 best pegs are by the tree and on the corner........ Do you fancy meeting up?
  3. Hi Tony, Sorry to hear about your Dad. I look forward to hearing from you Best Regards Mat
  4. Hi There, Go on eBay and then type in pole, limit the search to sports and set the price to max £60 and condition new. Look out for eShops on there that have lots of itmes for sale. If you want you can try and judge how much a certain pole will go for by checking completed listings and then target the pole. Give it a week or 2 to watch different poles and in the meantime visit local tackle shops for advice on elastic ratings etc. Whilst in the tackle shops discuss with the owners your needs and see if they can sort you out. There really are a lot of poles out there and it is silly
  5. Hi Snotty, unfortunately at the moment I have no transport which makes it very hard to find decent waters. I try and blag my Dad into taking me once a month but its hard to persuade him as he is a non angler. I am always on the look out for locals on here that may want to help me out but there doesnt seem to be that many . Are you local?
  6. Hi Tony, The water is about 6foot at deepest (it may be more at the moment). Unfortunately they are probably only a handfull of what you might class as pegs (pallets turned upside down in the mud) but the fish are good. I have had many good mornings on there and the best thing is the river is behind you and the canal in front so if you have had enough you can move on quite easily.(oh and the figure 8 is up the road......as for it being netted I think that is a tale told by many when a pond starts to do well. I know that there are big carp in there however I have never had a good day on the
  7. Hi Wheeltapper. It is opposite soccerdome......I think it may be known locally as clay pit? Are you local?
  8. Appreciate your thoughts Glenn.......... I was nice to them at the beginning but dont see why we should have to put up with this. I am only 24 myslef but when I think of the kind of language and attitude that these kids possesed it really makes me feel old. I've heard the old stories of "when I was a lad I would have got a smack for that" etc but now it seems That i am in the same thinking. The youth of today are getting worse and worse (or do you just feel this way as you grow up?) Anyway enough of my grumbling, however I do feel that using her as live bait would have been fun
  9. Hi Tony - long time no speak!!! That is a Quality fish - my mate has spoke about these before but I have never seen one - They look so weird. Is it me or do they have the look of a seahorse to their faces? Anyway nice one mate, by the way how much is a day ticket there? Speak soon
  10. Visited a local pond yesterday. The pond is situated behind the JJB stadium aat Wigan and holds Tench to 5lb. The pond itself is very small (40m X 20M) and is heavily overgrown. Apart from the odd dog walker and fellow anglers you can happily fish there uninterupted...........so I thought I had a good day and caught several tench to 3lb on luncheon meat (first time I had ever used this bait) . These were all caught on my pole. Around lunchtime it was getting a little quiet so I decided to set my spinnng rod up and have a go for the "monster" pike that are rumoured to lurk in there. I set
  11. This reminds me of when I first started fishing when I was about 8 or 9. I hadny got a rod so my dad put a hole in the opposite end of one of those plastic nets you could buy. He then attached a piece of string and a hook (probably the biggest hook I have seen). I then trotted down to the river which was about three inches deep and clear as a bell and proceeded to "cast in". Guess what?? I didnt catch a thing!!!!
  12. I reckon this debate will be quite interesting?? Anyway I have caught crucian carp and decent tench using Maccaroni cheese. I think this is common theses days but when I tried it it didnt seem to be. The guys sitting either side of me did not believe me until they saw me pull another quality tench in on the stuff Its quite hard to use on a float rod but grab a pole and its plain sailing. I remeber back to the days of living in Wales and fishing for trout. My mate had run out of bait and decided to hook a slug? It worked!!!! Prob not the nicest thing to hook tho'!!! Come on peeps,
  13. I know a place that is perfect but it is in Wigan so it might be a bit far? The pond is absoleutly rammed with rudd,perch and roach all under 2lbs (most are under a pound) It is free to fish and it is remote so you wont have any worries about upsetting the occasional grumpy angler by casting in his swim if this is any use give me a shout and I can mail you some directions......
  14. Look forward to seeing your pics!! should be interesting.....How much did you have to pay?
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