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  1. You may be right who knows having never fished with an airflo in the other hand i wouldnt know. But a few seasons ago i was the only one catching on a lake. after sharing my knowledge, Stock of flies, and giving up my spot they still never caught anything. that is until I lent my rig to a young lad with his dad who had not caught anything. I taught him to roll cast which he found very easy with my setup and at least the lad went home Happy fish in hand Do you say the same about cars when its only £50 of rubber keeping it on the road ? Actually I worked through a rack from left to right picking out the 9'6 #8 rods i didnt like the look of the silver thing until i picked it up. after that the colour didnt matter and it was on to the casting pool! Its just one step from there to the cash till but there was the small problem. is it £600 better than my existing ultralights ?
  2. Not been to colwick since it opened, Caught my first trout there when fishing unaccompanied. I was surprised how much it had matured, Best place then was bound to be opposite the Hut and boats. Its Deep but was artificially raised with a huge heap of old tyres just about casting distance from the bank. visited againlast year surprised how much it had changed. a boat in the bay with a slipway on the bank seemed quite succesful. Locally if prefer a small lake at wymeswold off the A46 near the go carting circuit that ive got to know well. Directions if required use trent bridge to water sports centre round the gamston lings bar road past safeway/morrisons. left at the roundabout (keyworth direction) onto a46 take right towards Leicester after durham ox but before the Golf course there is a left for wymeswold. at the junction go left after a low dip as you come out the fishery is on the right (carp lake at the top) strawberry field opposite. Thats where ill be this evening if daves not watching the world cup
  3. Ive just decided to consider selling my ultralites, Having played on the casting pool with the new Angel TE. the serial numbers are registered to me as original owner with hardy though. Try the new TE its an impresive bit of kit. If you are still interested I have three very clean ultralites (im also a fan having turned down several offers to purchase them) 10ft #8 9'6 #8 9'6 #7 theyve probably had the equivelent of a seasons use (although i have a preference for the #7) A quick flash of a damp cloth and they would be as good as new (excluding the cork of course but thats still fresh) Ive just had my tackle bag stolen so the ultralite reels and spools cant be included so im hoping the insurance company will cough up for the new Angels (bought 1 today) I'll do you a 3 for 2 offer! They want £630 for the TE so you can have my set for £1300
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