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New to this - and looking for some help!

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Hi... I'm looking to try my hand at some fishing this summer, and I'm hoping for some recommendations. I'd ideally like to find some family-friendly spots that will provide tuition to both myself and two youngsters. I'm going to be all around the UK, so I'm happy to roam just about anywhere! I was also hoping some of you lot could suggest some locations where we could 'cook our catch' - that's if we manage to hook anything! All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks - Tom, London.

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Seeing as nobody else will reply LOL...get a guide to UK Trout Fisheries...whatever area you are in just look up the local fisheries, a phone call will tell you if tuition is available,some hire tackle is diabolical though but better hire than buy in case u dinna like it ..after you catch one on the fly, there will be no turning back... Enjoy and best of luck....and buy a barbeque....

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