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  1. Willie, Sorry to have been a bit late to answer your post, Pike anglers are secretive no matter who they are and where they are situated, I know game anglers who would sell their soul before telling you what fly they use (trust me, I fished in a team where you could find out nothing from the other team members), anglers are generally friendly but swims ? no way. I joined PAAS in 2002 and was encouraged to join a branch and as I stay just west of Glasgow, I joined Glasgow Branch, I apprehensively went along to my first meeting and I couldn't have met a better bunch of lads. Go along t
  2. Thanks for your reply, appreciate it. I only took over running the website at the end of last year, I'm sure that you will find that if you try again, someone will be in touch with you. The membership secretary is on the ball as well as the rest of the committee. If you try and receive no joy, mail me through the email links on our new revamped website. We do value any new members, as you may know, there is now an embryo Edinburgh branch which meets monthly when possible, contact the Lothians rep on our website. Bobby
  3. Try us....plus what do you base your assumption on, please?
  4. If you are interested in pike fishing in Scotland check out the site at PAAS website Hope you enjoy your visit.
  5. Dear Mr.ThePiker, If u use Stanley knife, I repeat, do not place rod blank between your legs.... Bawb
  6. Dont kill the bun first, Andy !!! the tar and feather men are outside
  7. Hold on , Andy.. a pillow for your head..sleep gently
  8. I think its terrible that poor [edited by John S] has been brought into it ... [i am sure his PA does not have that name - John S] [ 08. November 2003, 02:07 AM: Message edited by: John S ]
  9. Blazing Saddles..he was one of the cowhands at the 'Windy' scece...
  10. Sorry m8, wasn't taking the **** ..you missed an 'L' out in public....any good info on the Limburg area? Bobby
  11. quote: It will also help me to keep track of UK pubic holidays Am I missing out ?
  12. When I fished any Scottish loch for the first time, three wet fly cast was Black and peacock spider,top dropper then middle one was Black pennell and point fly was gold ribbed hares ear(slightly weighted). If quiet you could try a 'flashy 'fly i.e a Butcher etc..as Alan says Use a Bibio or a Bumble type fly if any good ripple movement...if trying drys, if you can see whats coming off the water then match it failing that a wee Black Midge 916 or 18) might do the trick..and at night,just as darkness fall, at this time of year , a white Baby Doll,killer !!
  13. Put the money towards a lesson with an instructor.Nosey round your local fisheries and ask about instructors and always use a registered one, dunno but Reffis (?) qualified instructors might still be on the go.Best of luck !
  14. Thanks for the post m8 !! I'll pop by and see the newish stuff,like to keep in touch with whats happening across the sea, pity(political thought coming on)they aren't modernising their thoughts on pike and coarse fish preservation too..
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