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Jeep Cherokee 4.0 LTD

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Looking into buying one of these on a 97/98 plate.

Anybody here have or had one, and can tell me what i should look out for, if anything?


Dealer prices seem to be around £3200 to £4000, depending on equipment level. Sound about right?


Im not expecting it to be economical, or cheap to service etc. But i WANT one!!!


Any replies mucho appreciated. Thanks all.


Johnny Boy.

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sold one yesterday, a 98 4.0 limited, i got £1500 for it, as it was a bit tatty and didn't have much MOT left. ones in tip top condition (with 80,000 ish miles) go for about £2500 - £3000 and you shouldn't pay more than that. equipment level is prety much the same on all limiteds, and you might as well get one with all the toys, as it adds nothing to the price.

i sold mine as i'd had it for three years and it was getting a bit tired, i would buy another (i didn't, i bought a ford explorer as i needed some extra room) but i enjoyed every moment of owning the jeep. a 4 litre in good condition will get you

an average of 300 miles on a £55 tank. if you have got £4000 to spend, buy a low mileage jeep for £2750 - £3000 and spend the rest on an LPG conversion (make sure it's one that doesn't take up boot space though) servicing wasn't as bad as you might think, the mechanicals are pretty simple, the engine design goes back 40 years, so it's quite esy to work on! just make sure you have as little to do with jeep themselves as possible!

i drove mine for 60,000 miles over 3 years and it was reliable and comfortable.

PM me if you have any more questions





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Originally posted by Johnny Boy:



Im not expecting it to be economical, or cheap to service etc. But i WANT one!!!

There's only one Jeep, and a lot of imitations

Very happy with my ZG, there are plenty of xjs about for which there seems to be plenty of after market spares. Don't pay dealer prices if you can help it.

Of course you know that JEEP stands for J ust Empty Every Pocket.

Far superior to Landies and better on fuel.

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Cheers fellas. Ive checked out a few, and picked one i like. Just waiting for the finance to come through!


Sooo, Got any good links to good helpful Jeep websites, forums, accesory sellers, etc?


I have a guy at work with a LPG converted Range Rover, So im aware of the possibilities, there!


Thanks again, your input is very appreciated!


Johnny Boy

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is the one you like on the web? post a link to it if it is.......


the uk jeep owners club has a reasonably active forum, can't remember the URL but google will point you in the right direction. somewhere i have some numbers for parts people etc, i'll dig them out

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JEEP Cherokee 4.0 Limited , 5 Doors, Automatic, Estate, 1997 P Reg , Blue Metallic . Air Bag, Air-Conditioning, bumpers in color, Excellent Condition, Power Steering, Service History, Alloy wheels, Central locking, Electric windows. £3,999


Thats what ive settled on!


Its having a thorough check, service, MOT, 6 months road tax and im having the air-con regassed all in the price.

I picked this one, because it was the tidiest example i looked at, and it has a good set of tyres all round! I didnt want to splash out too much cash too soon after i bought it!


So, did i do allright? or am i being ripped off?


Opinions are taken at face value, and very much appreciated!


edit note: added a corrected link to the picture so it would display. Newt


[ 05. July 2005, 07:25 PM: Message edited by: Newt ]

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From a dealer? You should negotiate a years road tax and a full tank of petrol. Scammers all of them. Believe me they aren't missing any meals.


This is an American site where you can get an idea. I used the zip code of a high priced area on the east coast (20110) and then checked the appropriate box. Personally I think you are getting ripped off.


Better to do a private exchange IMO.


Go here for currency conversion.


[ 05. July 2005, 07:53 PM: Message edited by: Jeff S ]



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Yellow Prowler13


Ask me at 75...

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