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  1. I read this on Facebook this morning as was really taken aback, my thoughts are with Newt, as good a man as you'll ever meet and with everyone who knew Jan more than I did. She'll be missed. Lots.
  2. I'm from Rotherham, and our mayor had the plate ET1, I remember when the movie ET premiered, Spielberg was apparently offering ludicrous amounts of money to the council for the plate so he could have it on the car he went to the UK premier in. They didn't sell, and I don't know if they ever have.
  3. Just use tinfoil, that'll work won't it?
  4. CCleaner for sure, just make sure you configure it properly!
  5. I was there a few weeks ago, there are 4 or 5 good spots, the Mishnish lochs are best for boat fishing, the loch in the old Volcano is good too, bit of a hike though
  6. I hear Brillo pads can be used to get rid of the dust you mention, but be gentle! Or try air in a can, it's a few quid from maplin and gently applied will shift it.
  7. It's possibly my favourite fishing book, he's a great writer with some great stories to tell, well worth a read.
  8. Calumet are the place most of my Pro friends turn to, maybe not the cheapest, but you'll get good service.....
  9. get a torch, another torch and a spare torch! Apart from that, what does you in the day will work at night.
  10. I bought 25 quids worth of Shimano Catana the other day in Whitby intending to do some spinning with it, it's a cracking little front drag reel that I never actually got round to using, but it looks nice and shiny!
  11. The first thing I want to do when I arrive in London is come home
  12. I saw him in Whitley Bay once
  13. Might be your arms getting tired if you've only used it for two hours
  14. The sun setting over Uranus?
  15. Depends on a lot of factors, what brand is the saw, what wood, how many logs you chop in an hour etc etc. Have you noticed a drop off in performance?
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