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barry luxton

fishing Weymouth

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Captain Chris Caines with his view of fishy things during the year, Thanks Chris. :D


Dear Barry




Well I guess it's just as cold where you are? It's been bitter down here on Portland with no anglers and just my wife and dogs for company for the last 6 weeks...yes 6 weeks has past since I last went to sea except, that is, to scatter some ashes last week!




Not wishing to dwell on that too much, I have to say that it has been a pretty good season all considered. Yet again the spring and early summer Cod run was fantastic! there were plenty of fish for all. The Brittle Star ground to our east produced well in May and early June and the wrecks to our west turned up most of the larger fish. Bassing though, has not been great this year with November being wiped out completely. Inshore Cod and Whiting fishing began well but the weather soon put paid to that, but not before we managed a nice few Squid for the freezer.




I don't fancy our Bream were as good this year and took their time to show in number over the Mussel beds off the 'Bill'. However, when they arrived the sport was very good yet again...we are so lucky at Weymouth to have so many different types of fish to target each year. The Cod were good all year inshore, which must say something for the quota system!


What came through more this year was angler's willingness to return fish back to the sea and not to do too much damage in times of plenty! This can only be good news for the future. Speaking of which, is looking better by the day...I and a couple of others have managed to get on board the committee dealing with the recommendations by the Local Marine Coastal Zone for the Finding Sanctuary Group, which will help in identifying Conservation Zones for the future. This is important because we have an 'on the ground' insight of what is happening to fish stocks and the environment underwater, and can pass on that info through our work on this committee. Just one reminder...please sign up to show your support on the Recyclefish website if you have not done so already...you may well have signed up on the Deepsea site but the new recyclefish.com site is finished now and the more of us that register our support the more we may get listened to in the future negotiations where RSA's have got to be considered.




Fish of the year?... well there were many but I guess John Mazey's 9lb John Dory was the main headline catcher. John from Oxford is no stranger when it comes to pulling out big fish...last year he managed some smashing Bass on an offshore wreck...just after I told him we would struggle!...that's about right eh? Mario Dobbelaere from Ghent in Belgium just missed the 35lb mark with a boat record Blonde Ray caught off the famous Kidney Banks. This earned him the nickname of SuperMario of course. The Belgian boys certainly had a great week fishing from Weymouth as did Andy Garnham's nutty crew from Ipswich. Andy's lads caught 26 Triggers in one session...all of which were returned alive...amazing.




The weather put paid to the last two Fladen competitions of the year which was a shame as they are always keenly fought over with Pat and his crew on Channel Chieftain. I will put them on again for 2010 so keep watching the website.




Boat News... Tiger Lily will be going in for her winter re-fit at the end of January and will be out of commission until 20th February. As a part of her ongoing maintenance plan, I have sold her two main propulsion engines and they are being replaced by two new ones...pretty much the same but with a little more torque so we hope to get a better cruise speed for the same revs and of course, it keeps her bang up to date with the latest technology. The engines are 450hp Iveco NEF Turbo Diesels which have proven themselves to be about the best all round for the big Catamaran's doing Charter work and Wind Farm duties. Also while the engine change is happening, Lily will have her fuel tanks removed and cleaned and some new bilge pumps fitted in the rudder room, making them more accessible for servicing than the previous ones. It seems amazing that she is coming up to three years old already. Master Boatbuilder, Pete Russel from Wareham realy did a great job when he built her.




Many of you will remember Lyle who used to help me on board...well Lyle or Kylie as I used to affectionately call him has gone on and built his own Cat called Supanova. He will be operating from Weymouth with his new boat so why not book a day with him, I'm sure he won't dissappoint. He too is on the Deepsea site




Please keep an eye on my Individuals schedule for dates if you want a quickie, and if you know any lads who would like to receive my news snippets now and again then please tell them to give me their email address. In 2010 I have about 3 lads that want to go to Alderney but can't afford to charter the whole boat! I can't fit them on with any of my other trips because they are full, so if anyone fancies making up a trip in May....23rd-27th to be precise, then please let me know as soon as you can. Cost will be £340 plus your B&B. Also, there are still a few dates available for group or Individual bookings for 2010 but please let me know your requirements soon. 2011 bookings will be available to reserve from June 2010.




So to finish...just a line to wish you and your family a great Christmas and a very fishy New Year, and to thank you for your custom over the past years.






Best Regards & tight lines…




Chris Caines

Free to choose apart from the ones where the trust poked their nose in. Common eel. tope. Bass and sea bream. All restricted.

New for 2016 TAT are the main instigators for the demise of the u k bass charter boat industry, where they went screaming off to parliament and for the first time assisting so called angling gurus set up bass take bans with the e u using rubbish exaggerated info collected by ices from anglers, they must be very proud.

Upgrade, the door has been closed with regards to anglers being linked to the e u superstate and the failed c f p. So TAT will no longer need to pay monies to the EAA anymore as that org is no longer relevant to the u k . Goodbye to the europeon anglers alliance and pathetic restrictions from the e u.

Angling is better than politics, ban politics from angling.

Consumer of bass. where is the evidence that the u k bass stock need angling trust protection. Why won't you work with your peers instead of castigating them. They have the answer.

Recipie's for mullet stew more than welcomed.

Angling sanitation trust and kent and sussex sea anglers org delete's and blocks rsa's alternative opinion on their face book site. Although they claim to rep all.

new for 2014. where is the evidence that the south coast bream stock need the angling trust? Your campaign has no evidence. Why won't you work with your peers, the inshore under tens? As opposed to alienating them? Angling trust failed big time re bait digging, even fish legal attempted to intervene and failed, all for what, nothing.

Looks like the sea angling reps have been coerced by the ifca's to compose sea angling strategy's that the ifca's at some stage will look at drafting into legislation to manage the rsa, because they like wasting tax payers money. That's without asking the rsa btw. You know who you are..

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