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Can somebody recommend a good, cheap pole?

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I've never been a fan of the pole but after fishing a match on the Trent and Mersey canal, which was flowing strongly in both directions (not at the same time!) I am thinking one might be a worthwhile purchase. I fished the traditional rod and reel method but had to continiously keep re-casting once the float had trotted through.

I love fishing with the rod but it was clear that the others had more of an advantage on this canal. Can anybody recommend a good, cheap pole.


Anyway I finished 4th (out of 4!), had plenty of fish, mainly gudgeon and caught the biggest fish and a personal best Roach of 1lb (another Roach like that would have won me the match)

Most importantly, I really enjoyed myself.

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I was in your situation of needing a good cheap pole. I did quite a bit of shopping about at the time and ended up with a Preston Innovations Axium 11m. It cost about £150 I think and is very good, i still have it today about 2 years later, it still looks perfect! Im not sure as to wether they still sell them, but im sure you could get a good second hand one from somewer like e-bay :D

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Houghton - The leeda Assassin 2 is cheap (can be found for under £100). I bought one as a stopgap, and must admit that I prefer it to my Maver!



fishing is nature's medical prescription

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