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  1. Hi Alan, I don't have your email address (You can get mine from AN) can you please contact me.
  2. After looking after a very sick lady for over 20 years, I have decided, at 70, to give fishing a miss. I have a load of equipment and apparel, including a Korum chair, attachments, an electric tackle trolley, reels, rods and the assorted bits you pick up or buy during your fishing years. if you are looking for something drop me a line via AN and I'll be glad to give you a (good?) price.
  3. Chesters, I grew up in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist who was jailed for setting a bomb at Johannesburg central railway station. When asked if he had remorse he said he would not stop until "apartheid" was gone, so he was sent to Robben Island. When he was released he was penniless. Where did he get the money?
  4. Why not Camo? ask any specialist and they will tell you that fish can only see black and white. They only spook with unusual movement on the bank. The fishing line manufacturers tried very hard to sell RED line, saying it was invisible to fish- ?????? So all the fish I caught on RED maggot were a fluke?
  5. I haven't been on in a long while - this news is a great shock! From Brenda and me - All the best, we are praying for you!
  6. The governmentS have brought this on themselves - can you remember a tax that was called "ROAD TAX"? Now that they snaffled that - they haven't got enough money to fix our, frankly appalling, roads! Why don't they start again and give motorists a square deal, or as square as any govenment would give. Don't forget, they have the cyclists and disability power chairs and scooters to pick on!
  7. IMHO I would rather they had some sort of MOT as what is likely to happen is that if they are involved in an accident, they will have a fight on their hands, as suspicion will fall on the "unchecked" car.
  8. Until they can tell us why the UK was once a sub-tropical rain forest. and the climate change is nothing to do with the tilt of the earths axis, we can safely say yes Elton
  9. Snakey, that little piece of information sounds like it could have come from a manial. However the risk of wearing rings while working in a hospital IMHO are as great as wearing a crucifix. I am sure that you have or know someone that has caught their wedding ring on something, causing great pain and, sometimes, medical intervention. Please feel free to come back on the wearing of uniforms as that would have to be the main cause of any cross contamination or even the introduction of bacteria to the wards.
  10. ]So, in other words, if a group decide that a person is racist - "ERGO - THEY ARE RACIST"Show me One posting (not taken out of context) that I have posted that is racist!! I DON'T SEE GREY - I SEE BLACK AND WHITE!! I don't care what race or colour the perpetrator of a wrong is - he is guilty! If that makes me a racist then there is a hellofalot of us around.
  11. I have not moved the goalposts - The TITLE gives it away IS IT TIME? Will you guys read the posts BEFORE you try and tear it to pieces!! By the way Snakey1 - if they banned pendants - what about wedding rings? they could also, theoretically, cause cross-infection!! If the cricifix was the size of a medallion, I would understand! And in any case, if they were so bothered with cross-infection, why don't they stop the nurses wearing their uniforms when they go shopping, travelling on the bus etc. That sort of talk just does not add up! Oh and Jeepster - try and prove me being a racist - I know you aren't, theres no MONEY in it
  12. Are you outing yourself as a girl?
  13. It's quite easy really - we are NOT a multicultural society! We are a society which (Since you mentioned it, like South Africa) will bend over backwards for the minority at the cost to the majority! Look at the Sikh that received damages for being asked to remove his turban (why DID he join the police force if he could not use riot gear), the schoolgirls that claimed damages because they were told not to wear the burka as they could not identify individuals when they are wearing it. Compare that with a nurse that was suspended for wearing a cross which was 3cmx2cm or the fact that the red CROSS won't celebrate Christmas for fear of "upsetting" the minority non christians (even though they replied in writing that they DIDN'T mind) Multicultural? I don't think so!!
  14. I do not call anyone names unless they attack. The original idea of this thread was (as the title implies) to ask if it was time that the UK (a small Island) that was once very powerful with a lot of countries bearing allegence to it, must now, since it has given most of its countries back to the original inhabitants (a lot of Africa, India, sri lanka etc) "bite the bullet" and stop trying to be super power, allowing this country to regroup and try and put the great back into Britain!
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