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Pike use vibrations in the water to find prey most of the time. They hear injured fish or animals on the surface and go find them. I have never caught pike in the rain with lures or baits. I suggest you go to web page and look for a lure that fits the job intended. They have masses of lures for all depths and water conditions. They have free postage in the UK :) .


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Hello again! It rained for only about 20 minutes but was thoroughly refreshing... I have tried rattling top-water, mid-water and even running them along the bottom with no effect. I may be doing something wrong since I haven't lost any lures. I have't seen anything following but that goes without saying. I'm about to try rubber worms up in and around the overhanging/submerged trees and maybe a texas or carolina rig as well to locate the holes. One swim seems very promising. I have had more luck spinning and would rather catch something. Going to try tying a hackle on them to see if that has any effect. I'm going to try everything short of live and dead baits. Though I may change my mind if I don't end up with something. Thanks for the pointers. and that's why they call it fishing...



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