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Steve Townson


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I am in negotiations with a Colombian outfitter who has asked us to join forces with him to promot and start to host groups there for sportsfishing.

As a starter, we are offering a fairly reasonably-priced trip for the last week in Jan 2012, starting in Bogota, for one week fishing for three species of Peacock Bass, the three Bar, the Butterfly and the Royal.

Numbers are high and sizes are slightly smaller than the Brazilian Negro Basin but as good fighters as you will find anywhere in the world for freshwater fish. Great for fly-fishermen and lure-fishermen alike.

There are also numerous Catfish and a chance at an excursion to a nearby tributary of the Orinoco for sabre-toothed Payara and Sardinata.

The camp is an eco-lodge where many eco-tourists come from all over the world and safety is NOT an issue.

This is a beautiful part of South America and I can say with certainty that this will be an upcoming destination in years to come.

Anyone fancy a blast at this, please PM me or email me.

Steve TFF.


Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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