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Steve Townson

Promotional Peacock Bass package

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I leave for Brazil on Monday 22nd August and will be greeting our small group in Manaus on 24th.

There are two places left on this great Peacock Bass package - see link http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/eco-lodge/4552342103

This is a very reasonably-priced trip and anyone interested in catching Peacock Bass for the first time should really try this. We will be fishing mainly for three bar Peacocks (Cichla temensis) and the 'Popoca' Peacock (Cichla monoculus), see species - http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/peacock-bass/4548725702

The three bar Peacocks are slightly smaller (5-20lbs) than their larger cousins (5-25lbs) of the Negro and we will also catch Catfish, should anyone care to give this a go too.

There is a 10% discount on the advertised price for this trip. Send me a PM with any inquiries.

Steve TFF.

Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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