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Sex and fishing...

Guest Big Brother

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Guest phil dean

Mr Cypry has been seen at the local pharmacist buying paracetomol in readyness, (in case Mrs C has a headache)


very informative thread, obviousley clicked on by accident ofcourse.

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I saw the thread & had my answer all ready untill i actually read it!


I was going to say sex n fishing don't go together very well cos you have to be ready to grab your rod (not that one!!) in case of a good bite! biggrin.giftongue.gifrolleyes.gif


As for a proper reply the carp at Izaak Walton fishery are just starting to spawn! smile.gif


I don't know about the other fisherys round here i was gonna ring Baden Hall n ask if the Barbel in their pools have started spawning yet but thought better of it! rolleyes.gif



TROGG (Alan)

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Guest Steve Burke

The carp haven't spawned at Wingham, here in Kent. They did have a "false spawn" about a month ago when the temperature suddenly jumped after a cold spring. It seems that in a false spawn the fish start behaving as if they're going to spawn but the eggs and milt haven't developed.


Everything is late this year. In particular the tench are only just beginning to put weight on and seem a long way away from spawning.



Wingham Fisheries


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