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Guest Peter Waller

The bitching appears to have stopped. In the pike world Nev Fickling is being nice to everyone and all is well. Poor old me comes in for a hammering at the top of page 7, but, that was a year ago (!) & I wonder, in hindsight, did anything worthwhile come out of the cage rattling? We are a year down the line. The SAA is quietly badgering away, I'm sure, but it would be nice to see something new when I hit the SAA button on the left. That aside, as a well intended critiscism, anglers do seem to be rather less at each other's throats, the atmosphere on the net certainly has mellowed in a year. Perhaps we are older & wiser. I would like to think that we all share a quiet optimism for the future, brought together by PETA and confident in the future of SAA & the NAA & the NFA. The trout fraternity does seem to be less aloof to us 'coarse' types, even taking to fishing for 'our' fish. But then some of us are using 'their' techniques to catch 'our' fish. Barbel & pike anglers are being allowed on trout waters. Carp anglers are beginning to realise that wild water river fish are worth catching. Other anglers are recognising the real value of techniques developed by the carpers. Basically I think we have, perhaps without even trying, started to move slowly together, at quite a reasonable pace. One year on & I think angling can be quite proud of itself. To help things along even further I shall stop taking the rise out of carp anglers, even though they do have little cork balls to keep their tackle off the bottom, wear bivvy socks & matching bivvy baby grows!

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Guest RobStubbs


The website material should be up in the near future. There will be limited material for now and a lot will be moved across from the SACG area, since it is still relevant. We have a meeting this w/e so there may well be some more stuff available for publishing after said meeting.



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Guest Alan Pearce

Thanks for raising this one again Peter, hasn't the past year flown by. It would be good to hear what others think about unity during the past 12 months, see you Sunday Rob.



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Guest Alan Roe

I can only speak from my own experience and in general it has been fairly positive.

I think that the NAA should employ Miss Dawn Carr as she haas done more to promote angling unity in the last few months than all the angling organisations put together have done in years!!!!!!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

As many of you know I tend to travel around the various angling sites and one of the things that has been common to most of them is the way in which site members have joined in the calls to arms when needed to put together some effective defenses to protect our sport when needed.


For myself I have found through the feedback that I have had from so many of you that I have become more able to put forward some cogent arguements angainst those who have threatened us. I want to thank all of you who have helped and supported me during the last few months.


Due to some of the people that i am now in regular contact with through these campaigns I have decided that I will lay down some of my fishing time to join with others in preparing for the next round as there will be a next round of that we can be sure.

However I am more confident than I was to begin with that broad unity is possible within angling and that we can all pull together when it is needed.


Angling is a broad church and there is room for all within it though there will always be some differences of opinion between the disciples of its various threads be they carp or pike, roach, trout or salmon anglers.

Apart from me that is as I do them all!! biggrin.gif

Such differences should be celebrated and enjoyed as we can all learn from each other.


I feel that it is important though that we all grasp hold of the Waltonian concept of us all being 'Brothers of the Angle'. For with the exception of the celebrated few who do make a modest living out of it, we do it for pleasure and pleasure is enhanced by sharing rather than squabbling.




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Guest Alan Pearce

Well said Mr Roe, I think this past year has proven to be positive towards angling unity and threads like this have had their part to play indirectly by giving a platform for anyone to have their say. And believe me there are many out there who help shape and administer angling on a wider scale who read and take note of what is being said.


I think the coming 12 months will be interesting the NAA and the SAA have had time to get their wits together and the S&TA will be announcing a new leader soon. I look forward to reading this post again at around the same time next year.

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