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Steve Townson

Great Amazon Trip Discounts

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Anyone fancying a trip way into the Amazon Rainforest (during the dry season!) for some pretty amazing fishing, I can offer some discounted prices for anyone wanting an experience of a lifetime. We have a few limited places left on two great trips, but both completely different:


1. Week 10-17 January - Our Amazon Rainforest Explorer Camp trip http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/amazon-rain...orer/4548844665

This is our #1 selling trip and with safari-style camping by the side of the river. With more staff than anglers, you will be well fed and watered and the fishing is fantastic. We have 2 grand slams, lures and bait fishing.

With lures we target Peacock Bass to 18lbs, Payara/Vampire Fish to over 35lbs, Traiarao/Aimara/Wolf Fish to 40lbs, Pescada /Corvina to 14lbs, Pike-like Bicuda to 12lbs and Giant Piranha at over 8lbs!!

With cutbait we can catch a real mix of Cats, with the delicious Jandia to 25lbs, Tiger Fish/striped Surubim over 50lbs, the Bulldog Jau over 100lbs, Redtails to 150lbs and the giant of all Cats, the Piraiba or Freshwater Shark to over 400lbs!

We also catch a wide variety of smaller ‘scaled/coarse’ fish on seeds, fruit and nuts and even fish strips like the Pacu etc.

Altogether a really great trip for mates, couples or families.


2. Weeks 16-23 October, 6-13 November and 13-20 November - Our Cabaçeiras Floating Camp trip http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/cabaceiras-...camp/4548840860

This is a camp I designed together with our Brazilian partners. We tow this beautiful floating camp to fresh waters, and to places too shallow for others to reach. Four twin rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a great camp supporting 8 anglers. With A/C in each room and the dining room, there is also a covered top deck for evening cocktails and telling tales!

We target giant Peacock Bass (the WR is over 29lbs) with some incidental other species and also Cats if required. This is a very good trip for mates and couples or father/son teams.


Should you want to discuss any of the above in more detail, please send me your email address and telephone number by PM and I’ll call you and send you our brochures with everything you need to know about each trip.


Steve TFF.

Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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