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Steve Townson

Amazon Fishing Report Week Jan 10-17 2013

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I just returned from another amazing week with 7 clients on our #1 favourite river and camp, the 'Amazon Rainforest Explorer Camp'.

Although no really huge Catfish were caught, plenty of action was had on lures with amazing topwater explosions on a new method I discovered purely by accident. Normally in Peacock Bass fishing, you use propbaits with a rip, pause, rip, pause cadence all the way to the boat.

I missed a huge Peacock in amongst rocks and I ripped it all the way back to the boat in short fast burst. It got hammered time and time again! I decided to try that out and it was the best method used by all of us that week. The faster the better, It felt like fishing Poppers for GTs off the reef! Unbelievable action, fast and furious.

A couple of Payara only were caught, but plenty of big Aimara or Wolf Fish on Spinnerbaits, spooks and cutbait. Also a ton of Giant Black Piranha up to 6.5lbs. I filmed with a guy for his YouTube network (he has 7 channels on his YouTube!!) which will come out soon. I will post a link when I have it. Unless you've seen a big Piranha in the flesh close up and snapping away, you just ain't seen nothing! Like Rottweilers but with sharper teeth!

Anyway, the following animoto slideshow speaks for itself.


Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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