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Capt. Michael Savedow

Mild Winter Redfish/Florida Orlando NewSmyrnaBch Daytona

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Winter 2013 has so far been mostly mild to warm with a few chilly days mixed in here on Mosquito Lagoon in East Central Florida. Water temps have ranged from mid to upper 50s to the mid 60s F, in some ways more of an early spring fishing pattern during the warmer days. Many of the Redfish schools holding a smaller number of fish than would be the case during a cold winter, which would have a smaller number of very large schools roaming the flats here in the North Lagoon near Oak Hill. Mild winter baits we are using are live shrimp, live finger mullet, cut mullet, Gulp shrimp, and shad tail jigs. On some days with light breezes, Redfish have been tailing in the shallow grass making for great sight fishing targets, use a soft landing bait placed just beyond your target and skim the shrimp or bait of choice along the surface allowing it to quietly settle next to the fish which is rooting for food in the grass. Here is young Katlin with her biggest Red as she out fished her dad and uncle on a fun trip which they caught 5 Reds and several Seatrout early in January.


Eleven year old David sight cast this Red from schooling fish on a beautiful slick calm morning while on a trip with me by his dad and grandfather. We caught a few more from the very visible schools which were cruising around in front of us as I poled the boat in position for the guys to cast their shrimp in front of groups of 20 to 50 Redfish, a wonderful sight to see. After the breeze picked up we targeted some deeper drop offs with artificial jigs and caught about a dozen more smaller Reds and about 30 Seatrout.


Gary brought his son Sam and friend Parker shown here with his best Redfish of the morning, the trio catching 6 Reds on the flats, then approx 50 mostly smaller Trout on artificals.


My mixed bag trips in the Edgewater Backcountry of north Mosquito Lagoon are always fun with fast action from many different species of saltwater fish, also Seatrout and Reds as on the flats, but added in the mix are Bluefish, Sheepshead, Drum, Ladyfish, Jacks, and more. Most trips we catch up to 10 species making it very entertaining for this easy going type of fishing. Wildlife viewing is constant all around our area, with Dolphins and great bird life on every trip out. Here is a great photo I took last week of an adult Bald Eagle and a juvenile hanging out, up in an old dead tree close to a fishing hole we were in.




Located close to DAYTONA BEACH, NEW SMYRNA BEACH, ORLANDO, KISSIMMEE, DISNEY WORLD, SPACE COAST, COCOA BEACH, EAST CENTRAL FLORIDA. Saltwater Inshore Fishing. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may have about my fishing charters. Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Guide. Flats Sight Fishing, Also Eco-Tours, Sightseeing, Bird Watching, Photography Trips.



CALL ME ANYTIME AT 386-689-3781



Capt. Michael Savedow

Edgewater River Guide, Inc.


email> EdgewaterRiverGuide@cfl.rr.com

Website> http://EdgewaterRiverGuide.com


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For any readers who weren't following the previous topic on this fishing area, my wife Bobbi & I who live in South Carolina, are planning a honeymoon trip in mid-February to the Florida Keys for some fishing. We found this skipper on Anglers' Net and arranged a day's fishing with him. Its an area I've never fished (Bobbi has but offshore) and a type of fishing that is new to both of us. Feel free to jump in with comments if you want to.


note: Capt. Savedow, we've updated the forum software so putting photos in posts is done a little differently. Email me newt @ anglersnet.co.uk and I'll bring you up to speed. It's not harder, just different


This is the area I think we'll be fishing. Its inland a little bit from the Atlantic Ocean but salt water & tidal controlled. You will notice in the first photo that a lot of water moves in & out with the tide so it needs someone who knows the area and is equipped for it. I fished a similar area near Oregon Inlet on the North Carolina Outer Banks on my own a few years ago and made a right mess of things so I'm going to let an expert do the hard parts while we have fun & catch fish. :D :D


Note the only connection to the ocean toward the top of this photo. We'll be fishing somewhere in the 3 miles section(lower part of the photo) from New Smyrna to Edgewater if I have my bearings correct. Photos are screen shots from Google Earth.




And a closer view of the actual area



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