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  1. Old (and good) times again indeed. Welcome back all.
  2. If you ever have a chance to get over to this side of the pond, our rivers, lakes, and most ponds still have plenty of carp that have never been near an angler. I'm near the Atlantic coast and phone is around 1000+ miles west of me but both areas have plenty of water and plenty of fish. When I was able to get around, I loved targeting carp on fast water since they thrive there and tend to be very strong & active. I even own several lever drag reels so I could adjust the clutch to barely maintain the bait location no matter how strong the current. Carp in dam tail race waters can often be seen jumping & playing as if they were salmon. My bait of choice was a range cube which I don't think you even have available in the UK. It is a cattle feed supplement made from alfalfa and similar grasses mixed with molasses and compressed into hard, long cylinders then broken into 3-8 cm pieces. It needs an electric drill to use them for hair rigs and in the water they slowly dissolve (around an hour in summer-temp water) from the outside into a sweet grassy mix that carp seem to think highly of. A 10 kilo bag costs about 12-15 pounds so not costly. My wife preferred pack baits in quiet waters and usually outfished me by a significant margin.
  3. Sweet corn (people food) for us is very different from hard/dent corn (maize) used as animal fodder or ground (cornmeal) and used as a flour for making a number of dishes such as corn tortillas, tamales, pupusas, and many others. Probably more common in Mexico/Latin America than is wheat flour and is called "masa". I fished some with sweet corn but really preferred hominy which is dried maize treated with alkali solution (nixtamalized). I can't be sure it is better digested by fish but I suspect it is. Chesters - aflatoxin, a toxin produced by certain strains of the mold Aspergillus flavus grows on peanuts that are improperly stored. It will make people and fish very sick and often, very dead.
  4. For people, maize can be a good food source but without a simple treatment (nixtamalization) much of the food value is not available to us. For some fish species maize is an effective bait but I wonder if it also lacks food value it should have for them if treated properly before being used as bait. https://www.seleneriverpress.com/corn-cornmeal-primer-nixtamalization-must-read/
  5. Rather think the "N" word is inappropriate on a friendly, online forum!! For two pins, I'd report you to Admin' !!!! In fact - I have!!!!!!!!!! Martin - if Phone had used the racial term you are bothered about as slam against folks of a particular ethnic origin I'd agree it was offensive (although I wonder that you aren't equally offended about the others in his comment that apply to French and Chinese folks). However, he did not. If it becomes a problem, the forum software offers the option to render certain words into nonsense (such as N***** or N-bad-word) or similar) when they are typed in a post. I don't think we have reached that point yet. As to Phone, I don't know him but I gather that he is (as I am) what can be termed a WASP (white anglo-saxon protestant) although in my case, substituting "heathen" for "protestant" would be more accurate. That said, WASH would seem a bit silly so I won't object to WASP.
  6. I've been happy with Irfanview for dealing with photos. Not as full-featured as some but more than adequate for my needs. Free, reliable, and been around for over 14 years. The program and the add-on set of plug-ins are updated regularly. Resizing and lots of other tweaks are available and simple.
  7. I'm well old friend. Jan died several years ago - sudden, unexpected, cause unknown. I'm remarried to an old friend and fishing buddy who'd also lost her husband.
  8. It is certainly good to see your smiling (Avatar) face again.
  9. I think that recent events in the UK still feel so raw (as they probably should be) I'll lock this topic. Note: KenL - you might want to vet the site whose link I removed.
  10. I'm assuming the operating system is some flavour of Windows. It would help to know which version. Are you using a built-in utility for the defrag or a 3rd party product?
  11. For what its worth, my late wife & I traveled about 4000 miles to attend a Wingham fish-in and if I were youngster in my 60s, I'd be tempted to try it again. As usual, we owe "thanks" to Steve and his lovely wife for making such a venue available to AN members and to his staff for making it a pleasant several days of fishing.
  12. Bobj - our Brit friends don't ever get storms of this magnitude and can't really have a feel for the magnitude or overall awesomeness of these critters.
  13. Hiya Capt Mike. Good to hear you are having a great Spring and looking forward to a few days out with you in November.
  14. I'm sorry to have to tell you this Dave but you simply must stay healthy enough to fish. You are about 10 years older than I am and reading about your continued outings always reminds me that I'm enough younger that I don't have any excuse to quit. Speaking of which and if you'd like a change of pace, Bobbi & I will be doing our annual week of fishing the inshore waters of Florida's mosquito lagoon this November and the boat easily holds 4 anglers so there would be room for the pair of you. Mild weather, good fishing, and civilized surroundings with a great skipper. This fellow is our guide/skipper.
  15. Had to do a bit of Google searching since your wood ants are called carpenter ants on this side of the pond. Interesting little critters.
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