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Destinations in Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela 2013/2014

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For those adventure anglers who haven't yet booked your fishing vacations, please check these out and let me know if any interests you. 5% discount for all forum members:

2 places free for 16-24 November Essequibo River, Guyana (multi-species with Arapaima) http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/essequibo-river-trip/4571951824

2 places free for 28 January – 4 February Cabaceiras Floating Camp, Brazil (Peacock Bass) http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/cabaceiras-floating-camp/4548840860

6 places free for 10-17 February Amazon Rainforest Explorer, Brazil (multi-species) http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/amazon-rainforest-explorer/4548844665

2 places free for 22 February – 5 March Essequibo River, Guyana (multi-species with Arapaima) - this one is a 9 day fishing trip http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/essequibo-river-trip/4571951824

4 places free for 4-14 March, new one, Picua Jungle Lodge, Venezuela (multi-species) http://www.amazon-angler.com/picua-jungle-lodge/4578088553


Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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