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West House Fishing Report August 13

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This hot weather has been causing lots of problems for Fisheries with fish deaths and poor fishing conditions. During the heat wave our water temperature rose to 23 celcius. We have therefore installed a revolutionary new Aeration system. This comprises 10 aeration units spread throughout the lakes which force oxygen from the bottom the lakes causing a torrent of highly oxygenated water. The results have been startling, the catch rate has gone up and we have no fish struggling at all. These aerators will run all year and should transform the fishing in both Summer and Winter

Season ticket angler Shaun Burnside has had some cracking sessions catching up to 12 fish at a time his best fly being a Black Shipman. William Jones of Hartlepool caught 8 fish the best 8lb all falling to a variety of Dry flies. David Leak caught a nice carp estimated between 15 and 20lb, it took 25 minutes to land the fish on 6lb Fluoro.

Best flies this week : Diawl Bach, Buzzers, Damsel or black nymphs Dry flies, asstd, Shipmans


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