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Amazon multi-species trips 2014/2015

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We have incredible multi-species trips on offer this season 2014/2015.

We can give you the most exciting, adrenaline fishing trips to make you remember for a lifetime all over Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.

We'll be targeting Arapaima, Peacock Bass, Vampire Fish/Payara, Wolf Fish, giant Piranha, Bicuda, Pirapitinga, Pacu, Matrincha, Pescada, Arowana, Sardinata, more Cats than you can shake a rod at including Piraiba, Jau and Redtails and a multitude of other smaller species on small baits, lures and flies.

We have our Summer Getaway trips coming up soon still with some availabilities, Rio Azul June 20-26 4 spots and Rio Juruena August 9-15 2 spots.

Email me at steve@amazon-angler.com for more information.

Click on the link for more info and available dates: http://issuu.com/amazon-angler/docs/amazon_multi_species_trips_2014-201

Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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