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Steve Townson

Going for Gold - Fly fishing for Golden Dorado in Bolivia

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Hi guys, we will shortly be adding a great fly fishing destination to our trip list in http://www.amazon-angler.com in the foothills of the Andes in Bolivia. Set in stunning mountainous tropical jungle and clear rivers and streams, we will be targeting Giant Golden Dorado, Pacu/Morocoto, Yatorana on fly (we will allow allow use of single and barbless-hooked jigs and lures/spoons) along with some hefty Surubim and Jau Cats when anglers want a break from casting flies for hours!
We will be taking two groups of 4 or one group of 6 anglers only per trip. A minimum of 4 anglers required to make this adventure trip. Season May - November with best times July - October.
Anyone interested in more information, please contact me at steve@amazon-angler.com



Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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