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Can anyone tell me if the Scierra XDA would be OK for saltwater use? the sellers on the internet all claim it is, and that the drag is sealed, but I'm not convinced that shiny aluminium and saltwater go together well.

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Got the 10/11W looks well anodised to me as most saltwater fly reels are anodised aluminium I cannot see what the problem will be as long as you rinse it under freshwater after every trip.



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I don't like to trash ANY (or anybody's) product, but I know a number of anglers whose XDAs started out just fine and dandy, then unaccountably ground to a sudden halt drag-wise - and these were XDAs not being used in the salt.


My recommendation (and you will still ultimately be paying your dosh to Svendsen Sports who import / wholesale both reels) is the new Okuma 'Helios' reel. Just under £100 and one heck of a piece of kit. I handled one in November last year, and thought "Wow!". Nice looks, beautifully engineered, great drag, tough as old boots - the equal of reels three times the price in my opinion, and FAR FAR better than the XDA. I'm going to be buying a pair of Helios soon in the 8/9 size (plus some spare spools) for both my sea-trout and SWFFing. Suggest you look at it.

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