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  1. Hi Leon. What a brilliant article. Makes you feel happy for the guy, obviously had enough, and sought his escape. glad he found it!!!
  2. Hi Martin. Might be good to think carfully before making your E-mail public. May be better to edit your post, and P.M. Tim. Just a thought. Bill.
  3. Hello Mike. Good luck with the meet, hope the weather holds up for you all.
  4. Hi Martin. You can get into trouble for that old Lurking malarlarky See you in court mate...... cos Ill be lurking here too. Hope you are well, cheers me dear. Bill.
  5. Hi Dave. Yes it has been a while, hope you and your family are all well. As for the new ski, will loose a little on her, but just one of those things Im afraid. It was a nice day we had, great venue too.....apart from the slip . Take Care.....and tight ones to you. Bill.
  6. Hi Noodle. Good luck with your tinkering.....hope all goes well. Be sure to let us know how it goes, and put up some pics of your conversion for us to look at. Bill.
  7. Hi SeadooDave. Long time no see.....nice to hear from you, hope you are well matey. Please pass on my best wishes tro Prowler and reece. Take care. Bill
  8. Hi Norrie. Thank you mate A 50 may be pushing the boundries a little......but a 35 should do the trick I still have the Flambau bait bucket mate, done a great job. Hope your well. Take care. Bill.
  9. Hi Noodle. Sounds like a challenging project Just my oppinion...but....I think it would cost you a few bob to do it, and you wouldnt be able to guarentee the end product, or trust it? You may be better off looking out for a second hand sit on top, and save yourself the bother. Hope I havnt burst your bubble Bill P.S.....I know where there is a nice surf ski for sale
  10. Hiya Dave. I hope you and your family are all well. Thanks for the kind words mate. Take Care. Bill.
  11. Hi Andrew. Thank you for your thoughts and kind words, much appreciated. Yes, would be nice to meet you one day if your about in Devon. Id like to wish you all the best, and continued success for the future. Take Care. Bill.
  12. Hi Dan. Thank You mate. Yes Ill still be looking in and enjoying the posts, and catch reports. Good luck to you. Take care. Bill.
  13. Hi Jules. Thank you mate. Tight lines to you too. Take care. Bill.
  14. Hi Mark. Cheers me dear. Yes they are nice bits of kit, if your mate is interested Ill give you my Tel No......though you may still have it Hope your Kayakfishing continues on a safe and productive path. Take care. Bill
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