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Hi set up my mrs an account for her little android mp3 player with no problem ,she is not using it so i thought i will have a play as its android but i would set up an account for me.

No sweat ,used my existing email account and verified it with the link they sent but on trying to log in theres a phone verification scenario not seen with my mrs setup

Anyway its via text or voice male ,i entered my home phone that does either but it refuses to except the number so i grudgingly entered my mobile number ,nothing no message no voicemail

Entered my number with the 44 number before it ,nothing .now its 4 hours later !

Been looking at the google site but its hard work ,in search i get plenty of hits but after i read it and go back i have to enter the search again it doesnt go back to the list of things search found ,pesky google ,i could just use the mrs account but now i want one

The only difference is i got her a google email address from new but i used my existing one

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