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Cod Go Mad at Five Bar Gate 15 11 2014

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Cod went Mad at Five Bar Gate today

BlackpoolGot there at 11:00am

Wet out about 1/2 mile fishing at 12:15

John 1 was already fishing Dogs and Cod

John 2 went out with me

Stu and Lynndon a bit later just as the fishing warmed up

Fishing was a bit slow for me at the start Dogs and Whiting tryed for the skate no luck

When the Cod started it was fish all the time not even time for a Coffee

50 frozen used as dusk came

Lots of Cod, Whiting, Dabs, Dogfish and Thornbacks (not fot me)

John 1 Had cod to 7Lb



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Nice one Darth. :thumbs:


The last time I fished for cod with Lyndon (25 years ago), he spent the whole 8 hour trip ground baiting the hold and vowed never to go to sea again. He was probably late because his yak will have sank when he knocked his bivvy pegs in. :)

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