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TS21 1LL

Tel: 07836 330157



Some colder weather has certainly livened up the fishing. Despite the frosts anglers are catching some very large bags , the best 31 this week. Best tactics are bright lures ( eg cats whisker ) fished slowly and deep

Free tea and coffee is now available from the lodge at West house for anglers

Local angler peter Fletcher of Norton caught 23 fish in one session this week, other anglers have regularly caught up to 16 fish using lures fished slowly and deep although in the sunshine fish have been rising and buzzers have been effective. The best fish of the week was caught by Nigel Cook of Durham who landed an 11lb fish caught on a Cats Whisker. Brooke Young a 9 year old girl from Hartlepool caught a lovely 3lb Rainbow using a blob under the indicator on her first ever fishing trip

The lakes are now open from 8am until 4pm every day

Best Flies :- Blobs, White and black Zonkers, Cats whiskers, Cormorant

Free draw this month for any angler to win an Airflo 40+ line worth £39.99. Simply leave your mobile phone number on your catch return

Tel. DAVID ON 07836 330157

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