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  1. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I hope to see you guys at the track this season becasue IMSM is coming to GLD
  2. I am about to buy a sinking tip fly line for fishing woolly buggers on trout ponds. I have no idea what sink rate I should get. Any ideas?
  3. Sorry should have said Thats first thing I did but it dont work. It even says this on the Microsoft forums.
  4. A wonderful report and pictures from someone who grew up fishing the beach pier in Pensacola, FL. I can remember catching Cigar Minnows for the "old" men on the pier with a handline. I was about 5 years old.
  5. lol, winter in full effect, weve had one air frost all autumn, its currently very mild after a very mild November, still got fan on.
  6. Please can anywone help me abouth 3d settings in Nv control panel? I f...ed up this settings and now the sistem permanently repet some warnings. Il2 must be closed or something like that.. Sorry for bad English. rgr. Darko
  7. Hi all, Ive been having major problems with playing on my 360 due to the game constantly freezing up after 5-20mins of playing. Ive downloaded the patch, cleared the cache multiple times, installed the game onto the hdd, wiped out the entire folder and did it all over again. Ive even replaced the disc since this doesnt happen with any other game but still no luck. Has anyone been able to find a cause or fix for this by any chance?
  8. im sorry buts that what i like to do best on the beach. lets face it, its so filthy and polluted its good for nothing else.
  9. as the title states. Its a random question thread.. ask anything you want... be it real or just jokes... my question: Why do xboxers HATE ps3ers and vice versa??
  10. Ive got a large heavy duty trailer which I no longer need, need rid of it asap, anyone interested?
  11. I fished opening day too and expected the same, got there a bit earlier just in case there was a few waiting. Had a good day, 21 fish and packed up a few hours early probably lost just as many if not more.
  12. I apologise, but you could not give little bit more information.
  13. I have some Shimano Quickfire reels in my Shimano junk reels box that are labeled XT-7 but they may not be your identical reel.
  14. of course.. my windows 7 always install updates and more. All computers like this should have updates.
  15. That's one of the best video's I've ever seen. I need to learn how to edit like that for our Gulf fishing videos.
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