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Ready to go boillie packs

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I'm being an idiot and I can't remember the company that makes the boillie/pva packs that have come out recently in 4 flavours. I think that come with boillies, pellets, paste and a PVA system, does anyone know who makes them? I am planning on taking along a pack barble fishing ( along with some other bait ) this weekend but I have never used boillies for barble so can anyone suggest which flavour would be best?



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Try some 15-18mm Dynamite marine halibut boilies - you need to get them glugging as soon as possible.

The best PVA for the river is the liquidus type - they are designed to be slow melting and will get to the bottom before dropping the bait. If you use bags, then make them tight and thread them on your hooklength above your bait.




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Think your on about the sensas grab and go bags.


As for barbel and boilies you wont go far wrong with a fishy like flavour like klipevets suggests, the dynamite range is very good got a eye on the new fish based ones myself.

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