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    What do you think? kite flying :P<br />Or on the odd occasion when im allowed out the house a spot of winter chubbing or barbel fishing and in summer tench and roach on hemp seed! Am i turning in to a tradtionalist? split cane here we come!
  1. I seem to recall Steve Burke reccomending a certain make of bite alarm on this site on more than 1 occasion, but try as i might i can't find the post realating to it, can any 1 out there help?
  2. Right chaps what are the best ones to buy as all of my past pike fishing has been with floats? Would you go electronic? Could i utelise my bog standard alarms with a rear drop off? Over to you who know best?
  3. Fished at Beeston yesterday there were a few guys fishing near the bend according to a dog walker, i was down stream of the island perfectly fishable even when the river had 5 1/2 ft plus on and rising, fish weren't ever so co-operative though just the 1 chub but plenty topping. Hope this helps.
  4. markp

    Bait Apron

    Johns not the only 1 thats all there is on bloody ebay, and dont say try our local tackle shop mine have about a dozen stick floats in!
  5. Think your on about the sensas grab and go bags. As for barbel and boilies you wont go far wrong with a fishy like flavour like klipevets suggests, the dynamite range is very good got a eye on the new fish based ones myself.
  6. Met him a few times when he was a tackle rep for daiwa, all i can say is he is a lovely bloke, but could talk the hind legs off a bloody donkey. But then most anglers can there far more fish caught in the tackle shop each weekend than there is on the bank.
  7. Forgetting big black slugs for summer chub fishing, but cheese paste also rules for me had some made up from last season and its all lovely and wiffy now roll on winter
  8. I'd say i hair rig 90% of the time as im mainly fishing pellet or boilies as hook bait. As for where to fish ill tell you later
  9. Your in luck mate, fished there most of last season lol if your after barbel you wont go far wroing with a feeder approach and pellet/hemp and lots of them a word of warning don't fish maggot as theres so many small chub and roach knocking about. If you want any info on pegs e.t.c drop me a pm.
  10. Sounds like your elastics set to tight Darren see what bung you have in the bottom of your pole {most now a day sare adjustable} and just slacken it off a bit ideally when fishing for small fish it should just creep back in to your pole, hope this helps
  11. Used to use it as a straight forward binder a few years ago to help a mix go straight to the bottom but be careful on the amount or you could end up with concrete and its very sweet ifi remeber rightly, hope this helps
  12. Silly question but do you mean the ground bait pv1 binder?
  13. Welcome to an phil hope every ones been of help, but i have to disagree with the last 2 posts just depends what your local tackle shop is like, dont get me wrong i occasionally buy major items online but try my hardest to support my local tackle shop ill have a look around at prices and go to him last and 9 times out of 10 he can compete with the prices or there or there abouts tenner more at the most {thats about postage isn't it} what happens when your wanting a pint of maggots or caster? I've never seen those mail order and i doubt you'll be able to check the freshness.
  14. Got some in my tackle cupboard smells lovely{the maple}, just cant find a decent bloody tench venue close to home lol but yes i have tried it on some shall we call less productive waters {crap to you and me} and i did get the odd small fish. Pm me if you want his phone number.
  15. Trotting a stick float off the rod top {with a pin of course}fishing broe magg and hemp for roach and what ever may come along, theres nothing quite like standing knee deep in a river if you ask me.
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