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  1. Good luck everyone! Looking forward to reading the catch reports :-)
  2. I've used them to order an UL baitcaster spool and saved about £80 compared to the official one and it works really well. Had no issues with the quality or delivery but this is only for one order.
  3. She catches bigger Perch than me, very jealous :-)
  4. Now that the big reservoir's are opening for lure fishing my attention has been drawn to them, especially after last years fun days Zander fishing on Rutland :-). Is anyone else thinking about fishing the, this year. Maybe we can organise a fishin again this year.
  5. Lure fishing on the Cam and Old West for me. Started off targeting chub in bad conditions on the Cam, managed one and a few missed bites and then landed a bonus pike of about 8lbs. Afternoon spent getting better at casting with my ultra light bait casting setup for perch on a new river (old west) and mangled 4 perch to about 12oz. Fun day three species on lures so a good start to the season :-)
  6. Good luck everyone, hopefully I'll see Wingham again at some point but 99% of my fishing is with lures now I might have to wait for a lure fishing fishin at Wingham ;-)
  7. Might have to get your advice on fishfinders at some point :-). Anyway, good luck to everyone, looking forward to hearing about double figure tench, bream and the woes of catching too many eels or catching pike on every bait available (including marker float) :-)
  8. Good luck everyone, looking forward to the updates thread :-). Hopefully there will be another Rutland Fish-in later in the year :-)
  9. I spent an hour and a half on a local gravel pit last weekend trying jerkbaits for the first time (part of my goal to use bigger lure and eventually fish some reservoirs for pike at some point). Didn't expect to catch anything but a perch easily over 2lb first cast made me feel a bit better, I didn't weigh it though because although I'm 100% it attacked the lure no hook caught in the mouth and it was foul hooked so I didn't weigh it :-(. Next moved to a second swim out of the cold wind and into a shallow bay where I though the silver fish might be due to the warm sub heating up the water and I had 4 bites and landed 2 (the biggest being just over 9lb. A couple more swims on that gravel pit but wanted to try the other pit in the country park so moved across but none of the swims where really out of the wind on this lake so I concentrated on the areas with the most bird life (hoping they would be sat near food/warmer water and the prey fish would be there also). Managed another 3-4 bites and landed 2 the biggest being only about 5lbs. So a fairly successful first try with a new type of lure, anyone else use jerkbaits and have any to recommend? I'm coverted now :-)
  10. In two trips I haven't even noticed a bite like this, all mine have been tugs. This leads me to believe I might be missing the bites! Will need to watch out for this next time
  11. Pretty much all my fish were on a pearl white paddle tail, I fished the first time with white and silver lures because I think they have the most chance of reflecting any light down there. At times on Friday I switched and tried a different lure and the only other things I found to be ok were a silver fork tail (I caught on this a few weeks back) and I had one fish on a green lure but I struggled to see this as it came up in the water on a retrieve so I switched it back to a white lure.
  12. Thanks for organising Anderoo. It was a difficult day but I learnt a lot and finally got used to handling the boat and setting up drifts (a bit anyway!). I finished with 11 Zander I think to 5lb 6oz. Looking forward to going again but I think I'm all out of brownie points so two weeks time is probably not possible, I'll certainly be fishing again though... :-)
  13. What wire is everyone using for stingers? I not sure if there is enough benefit tousing 10lb wire and having to put up with the additional kinking causing me to have to change the stinger lots.
  14. Great :-). Thanks Anderoo, Rusty and JV
  15. Thanks for the links. If you are ok with me following your drifts the. I think I will do that and buy a better fish finder for next years when I have more time to sort it out. If following your drifts becomes too difficult then I can just do long drifts in the main bowl of the lake and mark any areas with markers when I get bites. Did you say you had two spare h-block markers?
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