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the tack4's venture out again at fluff chuckin'

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short sesssion last night fro me n kyle(littletack4)


arrived at Jack Casey's fishery 1/2 hr drive form our house at just after 5 conditions loked favourable :clap2:


the deal is you contact him by phone prior to fishing which Kyle had done en route, so Jack arrived shortly after we did to have a blether collect monies ( £18 for a father n son combined 3 fish ticket)


he helped set Kyle up and by 5:15 we were fishing nice we ripple on the water and a few fish rising and some of the usual kamikaze rainbow leaps occuring :clap:


after Jack had a few casts with kyle he told him he wanted a good effort from him and if he came back not to grab my fish n say he caught them.


would he christen his new rod?..................


first take came to me on a heavy buzzer on the point below a griffith's gnat........


palyed it for a couple of mins to see it spit the hook as net was put in place as i was playing the fish kyle missed a take as he was watching me he was less than pleased and said it was my fault :wallbash:


next cast saw me lose both hooks to the fence behind :wallbash:


a wee titter from my right then saw kyle hook into a fish only to be snapped off.....


first landed fish fell to me a blue of approx 1 1/2 lb and was released whilst still in the water (hoping for bigger fish) :fish:


kyle was next in and again another blue a first for him of a shade under 2 lb------- 1lb 11oz to be precise :fish::clap:


i soon followed with another take only to lose it at the net


this happened again for kyle what was going wrong?????


Jack offered a wee tip to us both re playing fish and we duly took it on board ie rod position and strip harder to set hook


after which he called it a night and set off back to his cozy arm chair wishing us good sport n fun


it was approx 6:30 by now and the fishing had slowed so we went th the wee hut for some cup a soup wehad brought n rolls with turkey hmmmmmmmmm............ lovely


with renewed vigour we set about the task again to see kyle hook n lose 4 more fish unlucky wee pal and then disastor his leader loop parted from the fly line and with no spare that was that for his rod


me thinks a lesson to be learned here :oops:


during that time i was busy myself hoooking into more fish and landing two further rainbows and my first brownie :yahoo:


brownie weighed in at 2lb 4oz and will be added to my total caught on 7wt line 4lb tippet size 18 Black bodied CDC buzzer


3 fish for the table filleted en site and then it was time for home


happy dad and slightly deflated son but happy with his fish talked about tactics etc on way home until it went quiet when he (flaked out ). woke when we arived home and helped with gear to shed then in for a nice bath


top evening :punk:


a total of 7 takes for kyle 1 fish landed a new species for him his first blue


and 6 takes for me 4 landed 1 blue , 2 rainbow and a pb and first brownie of 2lb 4oz for me


member of Save our Sharks


SACN member

it's the taking part that counts!

@==---¬--¬--¬------<(')))>< angling classics

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Guest franticfisherman2
:thumbs: sounds like a good evening. One of the reasons you may be losing fish is using small flies on relatively heavy tackle. Try a lighter outfit such as a 4/5 weight with your small flies and you may do better. good luck!
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Have to agree with FF here. Heavy stiff rod and light leader leads to breaks.

No need to stop fishing if you need a leader loop, there are lots of ways to attach the leader direct to the fly line.

Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.



Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity





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