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Tocknell and Townsend net top spot on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

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This fourth Dynamite Baits AT & CRT Canal Pairs qualifier on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal was patchy for the 27 pairs (54 anglers) taking part on the day.   The qualifier was fished between Hempsted and Pilot Bridges, with the place to be for the big weights being the old Hempsted Bend, which provided some good weights despite that canal being clear, in fact the top 5 of the 6 weights came from this area.

w660_1103095_andyjanephoto1-300x275.jpgThe overall winner didn't come from this stretch however, with Andy Jane (Sensas Lobbys) drawing the straight on peg 24 next to the rowing club where bream, gathered around the trees for spawning to make up his weight of 39lbs 7oz, all taken on groundbait feeder with red maggot hookbait.

Shaun Bryan (Daiwa Gordon League) was second from peg 46, fishing the same method for 36lbs 12oz.  Sensas Lobbys duo Jon Tocknell and Gary Townsend were the best pair fishing on the day with just 5 penalty points.


Pairs results;

1st) Jon Tocknell/Gary Townsend (Sensas Lobbys)  = 5

2nd) Shaun Bryan/Mark Gaylard (Daiwa Gordon League) = 9

3rd) Charlie Vallender/Andy Pollard (Daiwa Gordon League) = 10

4th) Andy Jane/Andy Richings (Sensas Lobbys)  = 13

5th) Mark Treasure/Mark Brush (Daiwa Gordon League) = 13

6th) Martin Howard/Darren Scott (Daiwa Gordon League) = 17


Top 6 individual results;

1st) Andy Jane (Sensas Lobbys) 39lbs 7oz

2nd) Shaun Bryan (Daiwa Gordon League) 36lbs 12oz

3rd) Tim Frampton (Gloucester) 25lbs 6oz

4th) Jon Tocknell (Sensas Lobbys) 18lbs 14oz

5th) Mark Treasure (Daiwa Gordon League) 16lbs 8oz

6th) Charlie Vallender (Daiwa Gordon League) 10lbs 5oz


The Angling Trust would like to thank Mark Treasure and Kevin Fortey for a well run qualifier and for all their hard work on the day.

The next AT & CRT Canal Pairs qualifier heads to the Coventry Canal on Sunday 16th June.

For booking your ticket/s on the Canal Pairs qualifiers log onto the Angling Trust ticket booking site.


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