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12th April 2013: A blank expression



So today saw me hitting a brand new water on a brand new card. I joined a club that I have waited many years to join last week so I wanted to make the most right away and try one of their waters. It was a small sized and very natural looking lake. A very nice quiet place to be. Sadly it was to be that way with the fish too but nevertheless I enjoyed being there and seeing some new water. I have a huge list of waters to go for now so choosing will be difficult. I intend to try another on monday. Unfortunately club rules state not to name locations and I guess that means pics will have to be taken carefully too or photoshopped to remove identifying features etc which is a shame but I am not about to get kicked out now that I have the ticket after waiting over 3 years! Hopefully now that I have more water to aim for the blog will pick back up again as I am also finding more time to get out and my back injury seems to be calming at last.


Hopefull the the next entry will show a fish or two!!


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