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Bent Double: Monday 17th June



With the start of the new season I was able to have a look at some new water. I joined a new club in april and I was dying to get on to one of their river stretches to see what it was like. It was a place I had wanted to fish for a long time but never had the chance. Finally I have the stretch on my card so off I went.


I arrived at the river around 5pm hoping to get a couple of hours in but it was mainly to be a recce to see what the water was like. I hiked through the fields and arrived at the river to see it looking nice but the first thing I noticed was thick weed in the margins. Not a good sign given that I had my ledgering gear with me. A decision I would come to regret.


I tackled up after using the polarised glasses to find a deeper bit of river bed and cast two rods in. Within 5 minutes they were both bent double with weed. I knew there and then that I had made a mistake in bringing the ledger gear instead of the trotting equipment that I would have usually reached for. For the next few hours I had to recast as the weed became to thick on the line and I had not a single bite. Lesson learnt.


Despite the weed it was nice to sit by the river for a few hours and soak up the sun. I also managed to check out the river and have a fair idea of where I will fish next time. I will certainly be taking the trotting gear next time though!






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