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Christmas Comes Early…



What is it about preparing for a big fishing trip that makes us behave like little children?


I don’t know the answer but it’s an interesting thought. I used to have one big ‘build-up mission’ prior to the ‘off’ on the Top Pool each June, where I would spend a whole week in pursuit of genuine Leney originals, but with Izaak’s arrival this year my fishing to date has consisted of one rod and a bag of dog biscuits - so not much sorting required there!


However, last weekend I got the green light for four nights fishing (starting tomorrow). Yes, that’s FOUR NIGHTS, count them! I don’t think I’ve done four hours in one session this year, never mind four nights - so I can’t wait! As such, the week has been a preparation marathon – obtaining new line, tackle and bait, spooling reels, tidying gear, tying rigs, buying food, and everything else associated with a big session away.


I’ve been like a kid at Christmas every morning on waking as I count down to D-Day with my first thought being an urgent awareness of the days pre-fishing tasks I need to cross off the list. Well, almost my first thought – my first ‘urgent awareness’ is usually that Izaak’s nappy is in dire need of changing!


The preparation is almost complete; rods are set-up, bags are packed, bait has been prepared, and food is chilling in the fridge. However, there is always the is the anxiousness before a big one; have I packed everything, will I catch, what will the weather do, will the lake look ‘fishy’, will we get a decent swim, will we, will we………?


There comes a point where everything is ready and all you can do is twiddle your fingers and thumbs until you are out of the door and away. That point will not come until 9am tomorrow morning, and I know today is going to drag on forever, and that I probably won’t be able to get to sleep tonight, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. For me it’s what it’s all about – the nervous excitement when I think about the treats that may lie ahead.


Whether I ultimately catch or not makes little difference. Don’t get me wrong I shall try my hardest to bank a few whilst I’m there, but when in such good company, on one of the nicest lakes in the country, and with over one hundred hours of non-stop enjoyment ahead of me… who cares!


… but I guess it would be nice!




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