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Season's Bests 2013-14

Chris Plumb


Plumby’s Annual Season Round-up!

Bit of a strange season – summer was somewhat slow – saved by a three trips to Marsh Farm on the still water front and eventually finding some Barbel at a haunt of old, late summer, after some very poor river trips. Hard to remember now that the autumn was actually pretty dry – in fact on my only 2 trips to the Dorset Frome the river was actually fairly threadbare and in need of some water. Of course we then got biblical proportions of rain and the last 3 months of the season have been somewhat challenging. However the chub have been ever obliging and like last year I had over 100, 1lb+ fish. In fact I had even more than last year with a ton up since October. A new swim rewarded patience and application (just ask Rusty!) – and fished well throughout the flooding once the colour had dropped out and looks like it might be worth paying a visit to in the summer…


Best Carp, 12lb 14oz. 16 June, NAA Stillwater, Thatcham. Float Fished Prawn.

Caught on light tackle meant for crucians – took an age to land!




Best Barbel, 11lb 2oz. 23 September, River Kennet, Nr Thatcham. Ledgered Halibut pellet.

A really slow summer on the barbel front – loss of fishing rights at Padworth Park didn’t help plus my nailed on banker barbel venue produced not one fish to float or lead for the 1st time since I joined Newbury AA in 1982. Thankfully I eventually found a few fish further downstream – and this biggie (my 3rd best) came at what was going to be the start of a concerted effort to get a double – achieved first cast!



Best Pike, 10lb 11oz. 24 January, Middle Kennet Estate. Float Fished Lobworm

Most of my pike these days are a ‘bye-catch’ when after perch – this one was no exception!



Best Tench, 6lb 2oz. 21 June, Harris Lake – Marsh Farm, Nr Godalming. Float Fished Maggot (lift method).

1st of 3 great trips to Marsh Farm last summer.



Best Chub, 5lb 14oz. 22 February, River Kennet, Nr Thatcham. Trotted maggot.

New swim which fished well during the floods and pretty much saved my winter. Never hugely productive but threw up a number of good fish – this was the biggest of a dozen chub.



Best Perch, 4lb 5oz (new PB). 28 October, River Kennet, Thatcham. Float Fished Lobworm.

Wait years for a 4lb perch and get 2 in a season – this one was a pure fluke!



Whereas this one, just 3oz lighter, turned up in the ‘new’ chub swim!



Best Crucian, 3lb 1oz. 21 June, Harris Lake – Marsh Farm, Nr Godalming. Float Fished Maggot (lift method).

In terms of numbers my best season on the crucian front for 6 years.



Best Grayling, 2lb 13oz. 10 November, River Frome, Wool. Trotted Maggot.

Yet again my annual quest for a 3lber was pretty much wiped out by the weather. Managed 2 trips to Dorset before the rains came… This was caught on the first of those and is my 3rd= best lady.



Best Roach, 1lb 6oz. 20 June, Harris Lake – Marsh Farm, Nr Godalming. Float Fished Maggot (lift method).

Marsh Farm has a very pleasant habit of throwing up the odd decent roach so wasn’t unduly surprised by this.



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Another good season Chris, very good considering the weather wiped out a lot of it. Well done!

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