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1 November

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Thatcham


0700 - 1200


Sunny morning after a rainy start - rain stopped almost as soon as I started fishing.


2 Perch; 3lb 10oz & 1lb 2oz. 19 Dace (5 of which were in the 8-10oz class - very nice). 3 Roach.


Fished trotted corn for the first 45 mins in the hope of snaffling one of the big chub that are usually in residence - but didn't get a touch. Was rueing that decision by 0830 with the swim now in full sunlight thinking I'd wasted the best part of the morning. I needn't have worried - though I was contemplating switching to Plan B and a venue just downstream when at around 1000 I connected with something distinctly chub-like which headed for the trailing branches on the opposite bank. However once I'd bullied it into open water I could see it was a really good perch and I thought I'd be celebrating my 500th blog posting with a 4lber - alas 6 ounces shy - but my best of the season (so far). Also nice so see some really chunky dace in this swim this season.



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Don’t be too disappointed about not catching a four pound perch Chris, that is still a very impressive fish and it’s nice to see a different big perch from that swim. If it's where I think it is I reckon they’ve re-located from around the corner.


Paul's right about the pic, a little over exposed :-)

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Cheers Chris - it creeps into my all time top ten Perch - at number 10! And yes it IS where you think it is! ;)

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