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Crashing back to reality



8th December - Berkshire Stillwater


As I mentioned in the last installment, the rest of my bait had been spread around the productive area ready for a return as soon as possible.

After managing to wangle the day off I planned my return, obviously full of expectation. They'd had a free meal and a few days to get themselves comfortable.


I'd already arranged to meet a mate on the canal for the afternoon so only had a few hours to play with.


For some reason I thought I'd be clever and fish the area from a different swim. That would allow both rods to be fished in the hot zone and change the line angles up. First cast went impeccably well, it couldn't have been better placed by hand, or so I thought. The morning wore on with very little to report, no fizzing and generally no signs of life whatsoever. About 12am I decided to have the rigs in and take a walk... the banker rod was snagged solid despite it dropping nice and cleanly onto the silt. The whole morning I'd wasted after getting up at 6am on my day off!!


That prompted a quick move back to the normal swim with only an hour and a bit at my disposal. Nothing happened in the end, though I did get a few liners so I'm confident they were still about and upon winding in a lone bloodworm hung over my hook... a sure sign that it was the perfect spot for the winter. I'll be back.


The perching was utterly hopeless as well. I've yet to even see one this year. My mate had a tiddler after dark and well after I'd lost my gear in a tree and given up. Not even a blank saving jack took pity on me.


Consolation did come later that night in the form of a £275 win on the football from a £2 stake :). Perhaps I'll take that up as a hobby instead.

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The canal was devoid of life too! Two laps of the wood after dark saw a solitary 2lber on the bank though

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