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Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Thatcham (2 venues)


0900 - 1400


Warm, muggy and overcast.


A dozen + dace, 2 perch (both around 10-12oz), 1 roach, 1 Gudgeon & 2 brownies - 12-16oz.


A visit here is now more by habit than expectation - long gone are the days when you could hope to winkle out a few barbel on the float - though I was still hopeful of chub. However just getting to a swim was a battle - head high nettles meant I just hacked my way into a couple of spots and din't venture downstream as I had intended to. A switch a couple of hundred yards upstream to another overgrown stretch and one that is on the club book for the last season - alas. Once I'd found a vantage point to fish from the dace came thick and fast for an hour or so....


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