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21/22 June

Chris Plumb


Jubilee Lake - Thatcham


1400 - 0500


Clear and breezy - night was cool and clear but not as cool as forecast (kept too busy to get cold!)


10 Carp; 23lb 10oz (!), 11lb 15oz, 10lb 11oz, 10lb 6oz, 10lb 4oz, 9lb 14oz, 9lb 5oz, 8lb 13oz, 8lb 6oz, 7lb 7oz, (Over 110lb of carp!). 2 Tench 3lb 11oz & 3lb.


Last year I made the mistake of fishing here in the school holidays - and got very irritated by the noise from other anglers. No such worries last night - I had the lake to myself once the sun had gone down - just the rats for company (!!) and a lovely view of Jupiter and Mars traversing the southern sky. All fish after dark - didn't get a bite until gone 2130 and they switched off at 0400 - made for a very busy night. Tench on float fished meat in the margins - plus a couple of the smaller carp - all other carp on feeder with either hair-rigged pellet or prawn as bait. Biggest on pellet - my best ever common.





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