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Chris Plumb


Alders Lake - Thatcham

1800 - 0000

Warm, overcast and breezy. AT a balmy 18ºC at midnight!

2 Tench; 3lb 5oz & 2lb 7oz. 1 Crucian - handsized.

Surprisingly slow evening with bites at a premium, though nice to get another of the lake's small crucians. Tench were 3 hours apart (8&11pm) with the crucian putting in an appearance just after 10pm. Alternated between prawn sections and maggot - though all fish falling to maggot. Had intended to fish longer but driving drizzle (and a stationary float!) persuaded me otherwise!

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Chris - If it's of any interest, I went to Allders the next morning. I'd originally planned to make my debut at Dixon's, but at 4:15am found the butterfly-locking b*ggered and couldn't get in. Grr. Anyway, Allders was still quiet (the change in weather?) and I didn't get a bite until 11, ad then only a handful of silvers before my midday curfew.

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