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29 July

Chris Plumb


Alders Lake - Thatcham

1830 (by the time I started fishing) - 2300

Warm, slightly overcast evening. AT 23ºC  down to 16ºC when I packed up.

1 Tench (small), 2 Rudd (very small!)

This evening's venue choice was dictated by the quality of the blackberries rather than the fishing! Another 3lbs picked which Mrs P will be converting into her rather lovely bramble jelly! Fishing was pretty dire - my worst return from Alders this summer. All fish around 2130 when I had half an hour or so of dithery bites which I couldn't hit - which I eventually put down to the micro-rudd! I did eventually manage one of the small, newly stocked tincas - a little bar of soap!


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Oh dear, Chris. Maybe you've caught all the other fish before? Better luck next time. As you well know, it's the disappointments that make all the other trips worthwhile.

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